taking stock #2.


making: a map of how i am going to stay on top of it all this semester. making a plan to stay ahead of the game.

cooking: sunday dinner for friends & a cousin that just moved into town. i went all out—gravy, corn, chicken, potatoes, garlic bread. & it wasn’t half bad. (i now pat myself on the back and tell myself i am a decent wife.)

drinking: crystal light energy. i started taking them regularly after a busy week last semester, and now can’t go through a day without one. help!

reading: the paris wife, a historical fiction about hemmingway’s life in paris. it’s almost as good as his writing itself.

listening to: “killing kennedy” on tape, and consequently hitting my ‘obsessed with the kennedy’s' phase that i think every girl goes through. jackie o, you are a vision.

wanting: a trip. somewhere big, exciting.  i am itching to start planning one, let’s cross our fingers for this summer.  

looking: for ways to serve more with a limiting schedule.

playing: the frozen soundtrack. on repeat for the last week. it is completely random but i cannot seem to get enough.

wishing: i could learn how to relax more. really feel rejuvenated. spend more free time soaking it in, rather than making lists and doing busy work. really feel relaxed.

missing: the perfect coziness of snuggling up next to the christmas tree with my family. the magic that was cheesy hallmark movies and neighbor cookies. long talks with my mother and mother in law.

enjoying: re-connecting with my traditional journal. simply recording what i am doing, how i am feeling, what’s going on.

worried: about my poor baby sister, dealing with some post-accident stress, away from family.

looking forward to: my fancy company party at the mariott this weekend.

liking: all of my communications classes this semester. excited to theorize, to learn about cross-cultural communications, & to have a constant dialogue with my professors/classmates about things i find so fascinating.

wondering: where we will end up living this summer.

loving: the watercolor set i received for christmas. mixing colors, lifting colors, and the immense amount of pride you feel when you create something you think is really beautiful. (no matter how small or simple!)

hoping: for a break in the cold weather, even if for just a weekend. what i wouldn’t give to have a picnic or go on a walk!

marveling: at our pictures from the midway ice castles. i know everyone in utah went and posted pictures, but it’s because they are insanely gorgeous.

needing: a good night’s sleep to relieve the purple rings underneath my eyes. this little insomnia-spell that is haunting my body, it’s rough.

smelling: my husband’s strong cologne, it has stained our ‘bedroom smell’ and i am in love.

wearing:  a pair of hot pink sweats i discovered at kohl’s over christmas. i haven’t worn sweats since high school, and obviously that was a really lousy decision. lounge clothes ftw!

noticing: how un-skeptical i am. i literally believe everything that i see, hear or read, right off the bat. i soak it all in and take it as fact, unless i have reason to do otherwise. this obviously has it’s pros, and some cons.

thinking: a lot about my blessings. letting them multiply in heart until it aches.

feeling:  motivated. and a little exhausted.

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  1. I'm also really excited for that company party this weekend! Do you have your dress all picked out? I'm looking forward to the excuse to get all fancied up :)

    1. haha! i'm glad you're excited too! i picked out a navy dress at nordstrom like weeks ago...i get way too excited for this stuff.

  2. You are gorgeous. Please. Teach me how to be all pretty.

    1. you are way too nice to me, amanda! thank you :)

  3. if you're interested, my husband and i are going out of town for the summer and need to rent out our apartment! i don't know where you live or if you go to byu, but if you do, our apartment is literally across the street from campus and has a washing machine, dryer, dish washer, and two bedrooms. it's really spacey and super nice. 500 a month!

    1. if we end up staying in utah for the summer, we may just keep the apartment we are currently living in. (we live right by byu campus too..like 2 blocks south, we may be neighbors..?) but that apartment sounds REALLY wonderful. i may take you up on that.

    2. also..where are you guys headed this summer??

  4. K so I love all of this but mostly the phrase "stained our bedroom smell." For real, nothing is better than that bedroom smell and I love that imagery. Mmm.

    Sounds like you will be so successful as well as busy this semester! Can't wait to hear all about it!

    ALSO. That Crystal Light Energy business... is there caffeine in there? If so, how much? I've developed an intolerance to coffee and need some sort of new energy drink!

    Tightrope to the Sun

    1. emma, first of all--thank you. second of all, there are about 80 mg of caffeine in those crystal light energy guys, and about 90 mg in a regular cup of coffee. they're calorie free & pretty tasty. i'd give em a try!

  5. 1. sweats are ALWAYS a good idea.
    2. the fact that you actually invited people over for dinner deserves a gold medal in my book. i can never even keep my house clean enough for company, lol.

  6. Mmmm nothing better than husband smell in a room!! Good luck with school this semester. You can do it!

  7. I love your blog! :) I especially love the planning a trip note- my husband and I just can't decide where to go this year! Traveling is just so fun :)


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