5 things.

jennie tagged me on instagram to post 5 things about myself. since i've already done it there, i'd thought i'd come up with a few new ones here.

i have literally been FREAKING OUT at the warm tempuratures this last week. i cannot get enough! also, i found my dream house while walking around provo the other day. is this not the cutest place on the planet?
1. the day i met my husband, i bolted past him and didn't hear him ask for my name. (i was on my way to the bathroom to throw up after an intense workout.) he thought i was being rude--and somehow it still ended up working out. :)
2. i am completely fascinated with buddhism. everything about it--nirvana, the dharma, meditation, is all so gorgeous & so interesting. consequently, thailand is my number one destination. other than the kennedy's, i have read the most books about this religion.
3. two decembers ago, i ran into a metal pole in our parking garage and gave myself a swollen face/black eye. we had only been married a few months, and poor jordan got a lot of dirty looks when people saw my face. haha! we're pretty sure i cracked my nose, too, although just slightly. telling that story over & over got a little embarassing.
4. i am OBSESSED with biting and kissing and touching other people's ears. (especially baby ears, they are so soft!) i started playing with my own ears while i sucked my thumb as a baby--and continued the habit until the cartilage in my ears turned soft. i can fold my ears inside themselves and love to touch anyone's ears. (mostly my husband's & siblings.) is this creepy yet?
5. i love almost every type of music, but man--nothing brings me home like blasting 'where the streets have no name' or 'sweetest thing.' U2 will forever be my favorite band.
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  1. hahahaha the ear thing. yes. i love you. so creepy.
    also the cd in my car since i started driving has been U2. Nothing beats the windows and sunroof down driving up the canyon listening to that cd.

  2. Provo has the CUTEST little houses. I die! I want every one of them!

  3. That house is adorable! R & I want to buy an old house like that someday and then fix it up all nicey nice :)
    Also, yes, I do think you passed the creepy point, but I also think that's hilarious! :) I mentioned a similar quirk of mine a few posts ago . . . http://ashleynicoleholmes.blogspot.com/2014/02/quirks.html :)


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