my sister missionaries.


isn't ashlyn the cutest thing you've ever seen? her smile, ah! it kills me. she is so happy it's insane. she just got transferred to the heart of philadelphia--she is loving the city & enthusiastic about her work. she is becoming a woman--i can feel it in her words. they are dripping with optimism, faith, and a sincere, deep, life-changing love of christ. 

ciara opened her call on saturday and is headed to TAHITI, PAPEETE in june! she would hop on a plane for french polynesia this instant if she could--her anticipation is palpable, and so is her love for the people of tahiti that she hasn't even met. she is so unafraid and brave--you can see passion for the gospel in her eyes.

seeing these girls is my testament: with all of the craziness of the world stirring around us, there is so much good to be found. so much light. they are sunshine to the world, & i could not be more proud to call them mine.

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