our weekend // 02.08

card games, chicken sandwhiches, pie shakes, gossip girl.
grocery shopping & intramural basketball games.
making new friends, noodles & co.
lifting weights & a temple session.
gloomy + cozy weather.
donnie osmond sighting.
costume shops, then a muder mystery dinner party.
husband is guilty, we have a dance party.
valentines cookies, brisk walks, and walking dead party. (barf.)

 photo kaylasig_zps8b40f84e.jpg


  1. Aw, this all looks like so much fun! Great pictures :)
    xo TJ


  2. Is that skirt from asos?! Ahh i've been eyeing it. I may have to buy it!! cutest outfit & love gossip girl. uhh so random question do you have instagram?!

    1. YES it's from asos, i love it! just fyi, i wish i had known this before i bought it--it's made of stretchy material, not the sturdy material in say, a jcrew pencil skirt. and of course i have instagram--find me so i can follow you! kaylacstastny :)

      ps gossip girl is the best guilty pleasure, right?


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