park city.

>>> we spent the long weekend up in park city--good friends, fabulous food, & lots of immature fun, my favorite kind! (aka finding an empty conference room in our hotel & playing soccer with a yoga ball. i don't think we damaged anything...? also, we downloaded a synthesizer app that we could rap to, & that provided hours of fun.) a city skyline is my favorite kind of beautiful--but man, those pc mountains! they feel like nirvana.
>>> in my sister's letter last night, she gave an excerpt from a talk she heard this week, & it's been lingering with me since. sometimes i feel just that, broken. so imperfect. but it is in this broken-ness that i can grow, become better, & hear that little reminder whispering to me that i am doing just fine.
 "it takes broken clouds to make rain,
 broken earth to plant grain,
broken seed to grow grain,
broken grain to make bread,
and broken bread to save us.
it takes a broken savior to heal us."
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  1. I actually had a girl recite the same poem in sacrament meaning this last Sunday. I loved it so much.

    xo. M.


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