be wise magazine.

i am thrilled to have recently been added to the be wise team. holy crap, what are they are doing is SO inspired--reading the magazine feels like i'm talking to one of my girlfriends. it's full of interesting, beautiful things & lots of inspiration. not heavy, but not too fluffy. just my style.

the whole idea of the magazine is in it's name, be wise. it's an aid to living an inspired life. being wise about how you take care of your body, being wise about how you create, being wise about you worship, and most importantly--being wise about how you treat yourself. it's centered around building eachother up & sharing positive messages to eachother as human beings, and as women.
i met with the ceo a litle while ago, & it was like friendship at first sight. you guys, she is perfect. she patiently listened to my thousands of ideas that i couldn't seem to spit out fast enough. i am just pleased as punch about this whole thing. so pleased. i would not be taking on another project if i weren't passionate about it, but i am! i just feel so good about this. it feels right. it feels like me. i want to add everything i can to this awesome publication. i can't wait to share more.
check it out here & contact me if you would like to be featured, or know of someone you think would be great.
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