happy list 03.

+ even more books about the kennedys. (i can't stop!)
+ a surprise couples massage last weekend.
+ seeing my family for the first time since the holidays.
+ rock canyon + sunshine.
+ march madness.
+ jordan taking on a whole new personality when he speaks in a british accent.
+ scoring tickets to provo's fashion week.
+ finding old playlists full of chuck berry + vampire weekend.
+ veggie straws.
+ skipping your next class because you're too deep in conversation to go anywhere.
+ experimenting with our panoramic cameras.
+ planning a trip to san francisco. (where we honeymooned!)

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  1. i love rock canyon! i spent like my life there last summer, can't wait till it warms up again.

    1. i couldn't believe i had never been..it's so close & so gorgeous! also--yesterday in spinning the teacher was telling us that if we made it to the top of the hill, it was 50% off at the mall. haha, that was the best motivation i've heard yet!

  2. gah! san fran!! so beyond jealous. i am so ready to go back!


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