life around here // march 2014

+ we haven't been seeing very much of eachother due to midterms, but we've been trying to make up for lost time on the weekends with dinner date's at chile's, netflix, blanket forts, and mcdonald's runs.
 + were introduced to 'sodalicious' by a few friends and can't stop going, literally. also i ate a cinnamon roll the size of my head at provo city bakery.
+ got asked to participate in some communication research (& hopefully publish as an undergrad!) that i am really excited about.
+ jordan has been considering a few different career paths to lead him to his ultimate goal of private equity. these changes to our plan are both parts thrilling and terrifying. regardless, we still have great lives ahead of us.
+ jordan surprised me with my second bouquet of flowers (non-roses, does anyone else not love roses? they are gorgeous, but i don't love them.) in a month! homeboy is doing me right.
+ we have been making new friends. i love adding new people to my life.
+ we are going to portland in may--and then mexico/jamaica in june! (& hopefully a vegas getaway in the next few weeks..) having vacations to look forward to always helps me get through this homestretch to spring and finals. hooray for march!

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  1. I love how he is wearing a tie in your fort. So classy of him.

    XO. m.

    1. hahaha! he never changes out of his sunday clothes on sunday, i have no idea why!

  2. Everyone seems to be going to Mexico these days.

    / Avy

  3. Oh my goodness you guys are adorable! And vacations are the best to look forward to! R & I have a few coming up over the next few months (one for me in a week!!) and they seriously do help make school easier to get through! :)


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