sib love.

yesterday, someone asked me about my siblings--as i delved into a description of each one that was probably a little longer than she wanted, i realized how obsessed with them i am.
>>> ashlyn--19, perfect sense of humor, iron-will, best friend. she's the most unselfish person i know--and although she is the favorite child, she is also the family bully :)
>>> talmage--16, 6'5'', perfect combination of nerd and athlete. a tender heart i didn't know teenage boys could possess. wears a fanny pack every day. i've been in love with him since he was born, claiming him as my baby. can't wait to see him play college ball in a few years.
>>> mia--12, vibrant auburn hair. the vocabulary, determination and ambition of a 30 year old. hilariously sweet underneath her teenager attitude. will be a ceo someday.
maybe it's part of being the oldest, but those three are so close to my heart it could just melt--& although this sends me into 'crazy' territory, heaven help the person that wants to date one of them. :)

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  1. Siblings are the best!! Even when you're not the oldest (I'm the youngest) :)

  2. i totally agree! sibling love is sibling love, & it's the BEST.


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