the perfect afternoon.

on saturday afternoon, jordan and i rented a tandem bike and rode around byu campus for a while. the weather was flawless--a perfect 70 and sunny. both of us were delirious from a night of no-sleep (me-- girl's sleepover. him--poker night.) so EVERYTHING sent us into fits of giggles. (& only once did jordan only almost kill us by trying to ride without handlebars!) it was blissful and i couldn't wipe this dorky grin off my face the whole time. we stopped at swig to grab some mango powerades and i had the thought, could life get any better right now? thanks you, provo & jordan, for the perfect day!

 photo kaylasig_zps8b40f84e.jpg


  1. How fun! Summer weather makes life so much better :)

  2. Could you two be more beautiful? What a fun day! I'm so so grateful that it's springtime finally!!!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  3. You guys are seriously the cutest!!!! Love these pictures :)
    xo TJ

  4. stop it! you two! i seriously cannot! you are perfect humans!

  5. Oh my! This looks heavenly! You two are too cute. I have always wanted to rent a tandem bike. You can do it at BYU? I need to do this with Sam ASAP--well, as soon as the weather will let me, that is. I want those 70 degree days to come back!


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