april 22.

1.  a sweet reminder from jordan that he does love me, even though we havent' spent more than 2 consecutive hours together in a few weeks. (that's an exaggeration, but not by much.) for someone who is 100% anal about staying on top of homework, having one thousand finals all at once kills my soul. i break down in stressful situations, can't even handle it. #prayforme

2.  my baby girls. we wanted to take a grungy girl band picture, & this is what resulted.

3.  those spring blossoms! as a fall lover, i annually forget how magical spring is! everytime i walk outside, i still brace myself for that inhale of cold air, and that mini freeze headache, you know, from changing tempuratures so quickly? and everytime i am pleasantly surprised--same tempurature inside as outside? i'll take it! last night on my way out of the gym i just stood there for a second and let the warm relax my muscles.

4.  friday lunch crew. we always seem to find ourselves at sweet tooth fairy after we're done eating, it's a strange phenomenon.

5 & 6.  easter sunday! although we were both swamped with projects and studying that day, we were able to get away for a quick easter dinner after church with some family and enjoy that extra reminder of how amazing our savior is. i loved all of the #BecauseofHim posts. (yes, we're total provo rebels and do homework on sunday. sometimes we even watch an r rated movie or cheer for teams other than byu. jordan also keeps a beard. gasp! so edgy, right?)

>>> that pink, fluffy tree is right outside of our apartment. we live on the basement floor so everytime i swing that front door open it is right in my line on vision. and it smells so bleepin good, holy crap. it makes me want to dance and i wish i could bottle it up & send it to people.

>>> i just wrote a paper about creativity, and how we as a society, need to redefine creativity and afford it more importance. anything can be creative, it doesn't just have to be art. you can be creative in the way that you talk, or the way that you approach a problem, or the way you work out, or the way you arrange knick-knacks on your coffee table. i really believe the desire to create is innate is everyone, it just manifests itself differently. this brings me peace because as much as i want to write and paint, i will never be a coffee-shop, beanie wearin, artist that walks into a room and comments on how great the lighting is. but i can do my best to create things that are beautiful, in the ways i know how.

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  1. i love this! you are so cute! i especially love your creativity plug!

  2. how cute! i feel ya on the not spending time together. worst. but at least summer is almost here and school will not be a thing as much. i'm loving the blossoms too! you lucky duck. i have like strange people outside my window at all times who just let their kids run wild so that's that.

  3. Love the pics girl! You and your love are so cute.



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