happy list--san francisco.

+ forgetting about school/work/everything for a few days.
+ riding the trolley, having the conductor think we're locals.
+ sketchy motels in reno with hilariously cheesy bedspreads.
+ the view of SF from twin peaks.
+ hamburger stands in sausalito.
+ handstands in front of the painted ladies.
+ the perfect view of the bridge.
+ the mac n cheese from lola's in palo alto.
+ when your best friend is also best friends with your husband.
+ reminiscing about our honeymoon.
+ 75 and sunny.
+ boat tour of the bay--sea lions everywhere.
+ stanford campus.
+ musee mecanique. (the princess diaries arcade!)
+ 10 hours in the car to read, chat, listen to podcasts with jordan.
+ falling in love with cassidy's roomates.
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  1. What a fun trip! Was there an occasion or was it just for fun? :)


    1. i have a good friend that lives in the bay, and we decided to just take a break from real life & spend some time with her :) it was much needed!

  2. I love San Fran! My aunt used to live there before moving to New York but she's moving back this summer and that means I have an excuse to visit! I cannot wait.

    Also I feel like I say this on all of your blogs but... FOR REAL you guys are the most beautiful couple.

    Tightrope to the Sun

  3. Wait... Cassidy lives in San Francisco? Man, everyone is leaving Fusion. I am out of the loop. On a different note, your pictures are lovely! And I really like this list. I'm hopefully going to San Fran with Sam next month so you'll have to tell me some fun places to go/things to do :)

    1. cassidy actually just transferred to the silicon valley office, she's still with fusion. for now anyway. and yay! im so excited that you get to go!! let me know if you want any recommendations, i've been there 3 times and love it more every time!


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