san francisco 2.

^^^ let's talk about these two humans for a second. i love that jordan genuinely loves my friends, and they genuinely love him back. it really is such a huge blessing in my life. my girlfriends are important to me; i wasn't about to let them fall by the wayside when i tied the knot. my friends basically just welcomed jordan into the fold, and said, you are one of us now. it's been lovely.
hanging out all weekend, it felt like the three of us have been vacationing together our whole lives. cassidy was the perfect host & girlfriend knows her way around san fran! having a local with you is like a fast pass to all the good restaurants and food trucks. (although i strangely lost my appetite most of the weekend. talk about a bummer--i go on vacation for the food!)
we watched a friend finish a half marathon right by the civic center one morning, and hung around for a little after he was done. there were bands playing, free food, and this amazing energy. seriously, i made a mental note: if i ever want to feel inspired and generally motivated about life, hang out at the finish line of a race. it's this overall attitude of, 'i just accomplsihed a huge goal & i feel great!' everyone cheers everyone else on, it's a beautiful thing.
other highlights included: 1. the palace of fine arts at night. um, wow. 2. walking and driving lombard street. 3. the view of the bridge from a little high point in sausalito, right before you drive back into the city. it was like bam! there's the bridge, so close and in your face. we were there right at sunset, and it was perfect. 4. exploring sausalito, basking in the sunshine. 5. taking a boat tour of the bay--sea lions for days. also there are 3 types of man-eating sharks that live in the bay, just in case you wanted to swim there. 6. the brioche french toast with carmelized pears at big joe's. i'm drooling. 7. spending all that time with my sweetheart. sometimes we get so caught up in our busy lives that we forget, we have a dang good time together. :)
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  1. I love that you said you go on vacations for the food. I'm totally the same! In fact, when I read your NY recommendations a second ago, and you recommended all the different food places, I was like, dang, I'm asking this girl anytime I go anywhere she's been, because she knows what I'm really asking! Haha :) Sorry you didn't have much of an appetite for this trip though! Looks like you managed to have fun anyway, though (somehow ;) )

  2. love this! i love san francisco! I used to go all the time growing up--and I miss that city!


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