taking stock 03.

making: a summer bucketlist! sunset picnics, water parks, outdoor concerts.. it’s gonna be a good one.

cooking: nothing. literally, not even microwaving a thing. i had 2 gatorades for dinner last week.

drinking: apples n greens from jamba juice. mmmm.  

reading: ‘the fault in our stars’—the 50 pages i have read so far have me hooked. i also just finished a book called ‘elegance’ because i can’t get enough of fluffy british  novels. it’s a weird little fetish i’ve had since high school.

listening to: radio lab podcasts. i have seriously binge-listened to every podcast they’ve produced in the last few years, there are so many random things i love learning about! i listened to one on why left-handed people have been discriminated against anciently, one all about blood, native american law, the origin of hip hop, etc. i love being constantly full of random, useless facts. really though.

wanting: the perfect swimsuit for summer. this is a tough order.

looking: for more peace within myself. the cavities of my mind, that’s where my greatest battles are.

playing: my long-lost 80’s playlist while i workout.

wishing: for the summer, in all of its business and adventurousness, to just feel the tiniest bit like we slowed down. i just want a little time to be spontaneous and breathe life in.

missing: school. already, i know?? i love being in the classroom, i love (most of) my professors. i love summer, but when fall semester rolls around, this girl will be ready.  

enjoying: my old 80’s playlist while i workout.  

 worried: about my poor baby sister! after a week with a burst appendix, she finally complained enough to get my mother to take her to the ER.  we’re hoping she can come home tomorrow.

looking forward to: mexico and jamaica in just a few more weeks!

liking: having a husband willing to rub my back nightly. i’ve been milking a shoulder injury for quite some time now. ;)

excited about: starting a social media internship at ksl for the summer!!

needing: more sleep tonight! i love taking those phone calls that result in late-night life chats. they are so rejuvenating, but my body haaaates me today.

smelling: the aforementioned blossoms outside my front door. they are dreamy.

wearing: another shirt with an elephant on it. this obsession is getting a little out of hand.

noticing: that i always, without fail, use the handicapped stall. anyone else experiencing this??

thinking: a lot about my relationship with my heavenly father—how far it’s come, and how much stronger it could be.

feeling:  a lot of things, but most of all contentedness. lots of that.

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  1. i love that you had two gatorades for dinner, that was my favorite snippet. that and your internship, sound exciting! and that cherry blossom tree outside your house? i'm feeling very jealous of that.

  2. Um, how I feel about those handicap stalls:


    Shameless linkage to my own blog. Love me anyway?

  3. I ALWAYS use the handicap stall. It started when I was pregnant because I felt like I needed more space... I was claustrophobic in my own body, I didn't need an extra small stall to add to it. Now, I'm hooked. Does this make us bad people? Also, an internship this summer? That's awesome! Are you still at Fusion? I feel like I don't even know who works there anymore. Too much change.

  4. Also, those sunglasses are from Forever 21. Super cheap, however I don't think they have the exact ones anymore. I linked to some cute similar ones on my blog though.

  5. I can't cook a thing, so I get that gatorade dinner... haha...make it a cool summer!

  6. how did I miss this post!?
    1. I have the fault in my stars on my list! so excited to get to it!
    2. just ordered two of the CUTEST suits from albion fit. I got one last year and the quality and fit are prime.
    3.prayers for your little sister!
    4. I have the biggest blogger's block--so I am totally stealing this today. hope that's okay. ;)
    5. you are the cutest EVER!


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