#tbt utah state style

from left ro right:

1. reporting for KUTA in logan.
2. the first picture jordan & i ever took together. (aww)
3. mccall, idaho trip to cross country ski & see ice sculptures.
4. times square--new york for spring break with my cute mom.
5. playing with my favorite little boy, eduardo in an orphanage in mexico.
6. washington dc trip.
7. usu's halloween dance.
8. ashlyn graduating from high school.
9. spontaneous vegas road trip that lasted a total of 24 hours.
10. working the sidelines for espn.
11. cruisin to mexico with girlfriends.
12. when madi got a 7d.
13. a dance party centered around the song, 'do the creep.'
14. my first time to lake powell.
15. motorbike rides on my last day living in logan.
16. 'living in a van down by the river'--family christmas card. ps, we don't live in that van, or own it. we just thought it was funny.

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  1. So many fun pictures! You are just adorable :)

    The husband and I are headed to New York for a trip this summer . . . What should we do while we're there? We're only there for about four days, so I'm seeking out all the recommendations I can get, and since you've been there, I'm asking YOU! :)


    1. oh my goodness, it's my favorite place in the world! you will LOVE it! i wish i could chronicle everything for you, but i'll just give you my favorites--top of the rock at sunset. (cheaper than the empire state, same view) walk or bike at least part of the brooklyn bridge. (& if you go to brooklyn, eat at brooklyn mac! the best mac n cheese i've ever had.) try a levain cookie & eat at shake shack. go to a broadway play if you can. walk central park, walk the highline, walk the brooklyn promenade. (and wear comfy shoes, obviously.) and last but not least, the met. whatever you do though, you'll have a blast!!

    2. Ah! Thanks for all the recommendations! :) I need to copy and paste this somewhere so I don't forget haha :) Also, someone just told me this the other day, so I think I'll pass it on to you--When you just reply here to the comments, it doesn't send an email or let anyone know, so I only found your reply because I came and checked back. In order for people to see that you've responded to their comment, you have to reply directly to the email that blogger sends you. So like, just email back, and then it should send an email to the person you're replying to. Make sense? Let me know if it doesn't . . . I was confused when she told me, too :)


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