a dozen things i love about jordan.

-hella jaw line.

-you kiss my shoulder while we spoon.

-when you can’t finish telling a story because you’re laughing too hard—and it’s always the same huge, toothy, silent laugh. hilarious.

-you always say sorry first.

-your dedication to everything you do. when you set your mind to something, you zone in and get it done, and you get it done well.

-your love for the gospel & your unwillingness to “bend the rules” or “find the gray area.” you simply want to be obedient. you are not tempted to be on any other team but the lord’s.

-you assume tasks that i don’t want to. aka paying bills, signing up for my classes, dealing with everything related to the car, and filling out financial aid.

-you are loyal to the ones you love. you wouldn’t let a single ill word about them pass by you with defending them.

-you only tell me positive things about my physical appearance, i only hear compliments comes from you. (even when i don’t believe them!) it’s never “that’s not my favorite shirt,” or “you should leave your hair down,” only “you look pretty,” and “your legs look even more muscular than yesterday!” and “dang girl, you look so tan!” i love it.

-your chest is the perfect amount of firmness so that it can be slept on.

-you have this hilariously quirky side that nobody but me gets to witness. seriously, i love it all—the accents, the faces, the dancing, emptying our dirty laundry basket on top of me because you think it’s funny…the list goes on.
-you put up with all my crap & love me anyway.
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  1. This is so cute :) at first, I read it as "your willingness I bend the rules..." and I was like what?! But then I saw the "un" :) also, my husband takes care of most of the same things as yours, and thank goodness for that!! Haha :) Have a happy day! :)


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