journal prompts.



five ways to win my heart.

1.       be happy.

2.       compliment my intellect.

3.       laugh with me.

4.       don’t just answer my questions, answer them thoughtfully. (i ask a lot.)

5.       be a passionate person.

things you want to say to an ex.

holy cow, at this point it all feels like ancient history. it is ancient history. i suppose i would apologize for my apathy, and say that i want him to find a great love, as i have.

what you wore today:

a white, drapy everlane tee, a pair of dark denim, some cheetah loafers, and lots of gold rings.

something that you miss:

i miss my baby sister, who’s serving a mission right now. although i wish i could call her, i never really feel sad about it. that would be selfish. my heart is too happy for her and the people she’s helping to have any room for sadness in there.  

something you’re currently worried about:

oh, i am such a mom sometimes. what aren’t i worried about? i worry about making friends and living up to my potential and doing well in my future endeavors. most of all, i worry that my life will slowly become mediocre. and i worry a lot for my future kids. i hope heavenly father is planning on sending me some real gems, because this world is a little scary.

five pet peeves:

when i answer the phone at work, ‘fusion io, this is kayla’ and the person on the other end says, ‘hello? who is this?’ on the topic of work, people that act all put-out when their call can’t be connected straight to an executive. like, what world do you live in?

man oh man, SLOW drivers.

when i get corrected during a conversation for little, unimportant details. example: “can you believe it was 110 degrees in phoenix yesterday?” “um, it was actually 109.6.” at this point would be when i give the death glare.

people stuck in their opinions, no matter how irrational they are. one of the most powerful communication tools we can use as humans are the words, ‘i can see where you’re coming from’ and some people are just totally unwilling.

overly-competitive people. im sorry, was winning this board game going to pay for your rent this month or something? or was it just going towards helping your low self-esteem? barf.

ALSO...does it bug anyone else when people put on lotion and DON'T rub it between their fingers? they just rub their palms & the top of their hands? you're missing a ton of skin! i don't know, this may go under OCD.
5 items you lust after:

i don’t really dream of couture, nice cars, or expensive jewelry, but i can sum up my lustfulness in 3 words: the jcrew catalog. or maybe a big apartment in greenwich village ;)

something you’re proud of:

i take pride in my ability to care about and forgive people. i am still learning, but there is generally no part of me that is rough or callused when it comes to my relationships. i love people deeply and in a very permanent way.

how important you think education is:

10/10—i know that i may never use a lot of what i’m learning right now in my trade of choice. however, i think a university education provides you the opportunity to learn to be a critical thinker, to work hard and make a good grade possible even when things are working against you, and really, to learn about things outside of your major. i really think education refines you in a way that nothing else can.

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  1. i love this! and your picture is prime ;) laughed out loud a few times at your answers! haha these are always fun to read!


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