may 6.

+ jordan's aunt julie got married this past saturday. the ceremony was beautiful & i cried like a baby--apparently i'm a wedding crier..? her 10 year old son walked her down the aisle, and it was probably the sweetest thing i've ever seen. i'm not heartless, so i had to cry. the best though was jordan's little 3 year old cousin grace. she tapped my leg, stared at me for a few seconds until things got a little creepy, and then whispered.. "booger." then she hopped off her chair and bounced away. i died laughing.

+ tuesday night, i cahsed in my valentines day present at the ingrid michaelson concert! she has an incrdible voice--it's really natural, clear, and feminine. the venue has such a cool vibe, and i even ran into a few long-lost friends there.

+ after an eternity on my bucket list, i finally crossed 'keys on main'--a 'dueling pianos' bar in salt lake-- off! it was a BLAST--the best part had to be the performers doing a rendition of 'bohemian rhapsody.' the entire place was rocking out together, banging heads and screaming lyrics like a big, 75% drunk family.

+ several weeks ago i was able to be a part of provo fashion week and was really impressed by all of the talent that's right here in my backyard. about halfway through the show i realized that i wasn't really looking at the clothes--i've always been taught that it's rude to stare, especially at a girl's body. i needed a few reminders, 'kayla this is a fashion show, you're supposed to stare at the clothes' and then i was able to escape that mindset and focus on the pieces. ha!

+ my cute friend ashley is pregnant with twin boys! those guys are hitting the jackpot with their mama. madi & i went to her baby shower on saturday and afterwards took a tour of her GORGEOUS downtown salt lake apartment. it was so dreamy... wood floors, natural light, french doors. oh man.

+ madi & i hit up the bijou market (and the art city donuts truck) a few weekends ago. win, and win. i found some perfect watercolor prints and a necklace that i've been wearing daily. and those donuts are worth all of the attention they've been getting, without a doubt.

+ i found a few lost san fran pictures, including one of us at the palace of fine arts--and i miss that cute face! jordan is on a guy's trip this week--and although i'm totally excited for him, it's going to be a little rough. we have never spent more than a night apart for this last year and 8 months. i've already been listening to celine dion and thinking about him when i get lonely. that makes me go, 'who the heck am i??' but i just really like life with that guy around. and not getting my morning cuddle makes me a little grumpy. wow, being married makes you mushy and laaaame.

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  1. I LOVE ingrid michaelson! I am so jealous. I bet she was amazing in concert!

  2. good luck being apart! I am always so pathetic and have the hardest time ever with it! haha. and also, twin boys!? so jealous of your friend--that's my dream! even though it will never happen. ha

  3. love you!! thanks so much for coming to my shower last weekend, it was so pleasant to see you :)
    better not be too long until i see you again!


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