oregon was a dreeeeam--mostly because of moss and trees and that intense green that keeps getting brighter in every picture. you know? it made me obscenely happy, so much that i couldn't help but point out every 5 minutes, "look at that moss!" "jordan, oh my gosh it's soooo greeen!" "look how magical that park is, and over there! a canopy over the street. can you believe it?" i'm a little obnoxious when i get excited.

we stopped at multnoma falls on our way in to the city & hiked that whole sweaty, muggy mile to the top. WORTH IT. i kept stopping and ogling everything, it was like walking through a postcard. seriously--the green started hurting my eyes after awhile, it was so sharp.

we only spent a day in portland--but it was well spent. (aka we lunched at the 'food truck tour' and voodoo doughnuts. #fatkiddiaries) afterwards, we took a tram up to the top of this massive hill and looked out over the city and the columbia river and all of these mini-sailboats next to skyscrapers. portland has this northwest-y vibe, similar to seattle, that i love. there's just a little less madness and a little more deep-breathing. take me back soon.

ps, that picture with the elephant? a homeless guy set up shop underneath. i was pretty impressed at jordan's angling abilities--you can barely see his feet! ha ;)

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  1. oh whoops--i just replied on your comment on my blog and told you to post about your trip. and here it is! haha! love it! oregon is sooo green--i am always shocked! and why did you go to oregon? just for fun? loved following your trip on insta! DOUBLE DATE SOON!

  2. looks so fun! i love your blog!! and oh my gosh, oregon is so pretty!

  3. i love all your oregon pictures! it makes me excited to be here for the summer. since i am going to be here for awhile, where are some places that you recommend i go?? i love this! i wish you could have stayed for longer:/ you are so dang cute. i love it!

  4. OKAY but your skin in that second picture, girl do you bathe in vitamin E!?

    1. ok you are too nice to me. but really it's all thanks to estee lauder :)

  5. allie's comment though!! girl, you gorgeous!! and Oregon is my favorite place on earth. i swear it is like my version of disneyland. it is just impossible to not be happy there. the green is just so refreshing!

  6. you are b e a u t i f u l girl!!! We are heading out to Oregon this summer, I will need to add these to my list of things to do!!


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