things that make me terribly happy.



a) having this guy home with me! i enjoyed my week of alone time, but i was READY to be back together. as soon as he returned, we started talking. then we talked over dinner. and we talked through spiderman. and we talked until we fell asleep. it was glorious! last night, i turned on the wrong burner and set an egg carton on fire. when i saw it, i literally stared at the flame for a second, and then called to jordan to get out of the shower & come fix it, which he did. what would i do without that guy?

b) peonies--which are, far and away, the most magical flower. thanks for the gift, harmons.

c) when i pulled into work last week, the fog was this winding snake, dissapearing behind houses and mountains to create an eery, although magnificent, landscape in cottonwood.

d) working at ksl has already exceeded my expectations. i forgot how much i soak up the energy in tv, and how fufilled it lets me feel.

e) cute outfits for sunday walks. #maybeishouldbeafashionblogger

f) praying as a family via skype on mother's day was pretty unbelievable. i have such an amazing family, and it's a huge blessing to see my missionary sister so bright and happy.

g) other than loving the work, i LOVE working in downtown salt lake. i walk out the front doors and pop! there's the slc temple. downtown salt lake is just enchanted.

h) ceciley posted this quote on the be wise blog last week & i'm loving it. the most important thing we can do, i think, is just love people & treat them kindly. i needed this reminder of what's really essential in life.
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  1. i love everything about this post!!! you are adorable and i kinda wish i was you. that is all, stay cute my friend.

  2. yay for being reunited! and I love your sunday walk outfit. ha also--you should do a post on what you do for work! I'm interested!

  3. i second letter e. please be a fashion blogger!

  4. just gotta say, that outfit is crushin it.


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