brooke's wedding.

okay, cue immaculate june sunshine + the happiest couple alive. it was a great day to be a bridesmaid! the temple sealing was perfect, and, per usual, i shed a few tears. i am just incredibly elated when i see people in love, people ready to start their lives together, the dawning of a brand new family. being around that kind of love is moving. it's motivating. brooke and scott are just enchanted with each other--& the whole experience sends a new wave of gratitude for my wedding day and for the guy that god sent to take care of me.

it's great to get a reminder of the promises that jordan and i made to each other a few years ago. the thought of being together forever is a tough one to digest, but it is truly tremendous. how lucky are we.

 photo kaylasig_zps8b40f84e.jpg

ps--i over heard that there were 100 couples married that day. one hundred! can you imagine sharing your special day with 200 other people in the same location? ha!


  1. Congrats to the newlyweds!!! You look gorgeous as a bridesmaid and wow!! thats crazy that 100 couples were married that same day. Definitely a day a full of love.

    xoxo erica

  2. I love wedding season in Utah! It is such a happy time. And going to other peoples dealings reminds me of the covenants Jer and I made not too long ago. I can't help but be happy for others because marriage brought so much happiness into our lives. Beautiful bridesmaid outfit. Funny to see a familiar face (Kayla) although we only met and hung out a few times (through Cindy C.).

    1. That's was supposed to be their sealings haha. Although auto correct insists on dealings and sea kings lol.


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