food in provo.

provo cuisine has really been nailin' it lately. snow cones the size of my head, fresh cilantro lime dressing at cubby's, the food truck round up, and of course, provo city bakery donuts. it may not have a lot to offer in the way of culture or diversity--but this little town steps up to the plate with unique, authentic, delicious food. there are always new restaurants to try, and tons of classic places we like frequenting. (ahem, in n out. i love you forever.) and even though there are things i dislike about being here, the food really does makes up for a lot of it. :)


  1. Mmmmm provo city bakery donuts :) My husband and I had to make a rule that we can only go there once a month, because I kept wanting to go like . . . every day :) Love that you're a foodie like me! :)

    PS, I recently realized that you're a no-reply blogger . . . if you go to my recent post , tip #2 tells you how to remedy that! :)


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