june 3.

1-7: my girls were in town this last week! i only had 3 nights between weekend trips to squeeze in as much partying as possible, and it was worth the lost sleep, 100 times over. they are perfection, is what these girls are. chicken soup for the soul. they act as my own personal motivators. like a fitness trainer, but for life. i come away from them feeling great about myself--but equally energized to be better. you know, to see the good in people and flourish where i'm planted, blah blah. anyway, they are magical humans.

8 & 9: we celebrated a faux birthday for my sister ashlyn, so we could send her the pictures of us having a great time with out her. happy 20th, sister clark! (no, but i actually thought this was such a cute idea. also that chin-strap on the birthday hat was cutting off the circulation to my dad's neck and i couldn't stop laughing about it. my family is hilarious i think.)

10: our first summer picnic happened! we fed the ducks after we ate, and we left realizing that we had skipped over the baby ducklings. jordan was so upset about this & i could have just melted in a puddle of cuteness on the sidewalk right there.

11: the summer issue of be wise is available! this is the first issue that i have contributed to, & honestly i love the way it all turned out. you can check it out here.

12: our boise weekend was ideal, to say the least. it was exhausting, but that's because we were having too much fun to sleep very much. (speaking of exhausting..because of the back to back trips + work + internships + friends in town, i haven't had a good night's sleep in like, 2 weeks. and it looks like a bomb has gone off in front of my closet. when was the last time my apartment got vacuumed? i had to go and buy new underwear because i haven't had a second for laundry. this is the ugly side of summer fun.) we hiked table rock and hit up the boise market (one of my pockets) on saturday with a few friends--good conversation, a perfect 78 degrees, and the city of trees. splendid! this day was splendid.

13: my sweet sister-in-law ciara went through the lds temple on friday night. being in the temple with people you love is my little slice of heaven, and i feel that i am floating above all the worry and murkiness that usually envelops my life, even if it's just for a few hours. i love this girl way, way too much. i can't wait for her to find her place and her joy in tahiti.

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  1. you are so cute! I love your little picnic. Whatever you are eating.. because I can't tell what it is.. looks delicious!

    1. haha! they are burgers that we grilled, put in tuperware, and then rushed to the park so they wouldn't get cold :) also--you have to try a sauce on them. equal parts ketchup, mayo, and bbq sauce. so delish!


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