my guilty pleasures.

in a production meeting at ksl, we were discussing doing a segment about our guilty pleasures on the show. that kind of exposes something a little personal and gets down to the nitty-gritty, right? what are the things you do when you’re alone? what do you eat that you would be embarrassed to admit? it got me thinking of those things i like to do behind closed doors. honestly, there are many bad habits i have, and plenty of activities i engage it that deserve just a hint of embarrassment. i wanted to capture a couple, so i can come back and laugh at myself someday.

trashy tv—this mostly pertains to 3 specific shows: sex and the city, gossip girl, and the hills. i have seen all episodes of these 3 shows, some even multiple times. when i turn on one of these shows and snuggle up on my couch, i’m just like, “ahhhh. yes.” and it’s perfection.

oh man, sex and the city is pretty trashy and i deserve judgment for watching this. but the witty dialogue and the new york glamour are just too tempting for me to refuse! carrie bradshaw, the writer, living in her adorable UES apartment attending parties and getting books published? that was me in another life. (minus the sex) i also really love that 4 women who are so fundamentally different can be so close to one another. i really like and connect with that idea.

lauren conrad is my celebrity idol, now and forever. she is seriously perfect—well spoken, invested in her career, fashionable but always classy. this girl crush is serious. i know that the hills is scripted, i know it has no plot, and i know the characters are basically overpaid drama queens. but seriously, i could marathon all 6 seasons in one day. it’s just so juicy!

gossip girl—i really have no explanation for this one. my husband loves it, so i feel justified in getting caught up in the dramatic story lines. but seriously, how can you not love chuck and blair?

donuts are one of my go-to friends when i need something sweet. (which is a regular occurrence.) the part that makes this a little humiliating is that i can eat like half a dozen, by myself, and not get that sick. when we were in the orlando airport, i ate two krispy kremes and felt like i had hardly taken the edge off of my sugar craving! isn’t that awful?

anyway, provo city bakery and beyond glazed are my favorites beyond those good old krispy kremes. beyond glazed makes a donut with cookies and cream cheese frosting that seriously knocks my socks off. it is good enough that i’d consider framing a picture of it in my house. seriously though. i can hear my arteries clogging with each bite, but it’s worth it-- every once in a while. i can’t get enough of that sugary, over the top sweetness that makes you hyper for a few hours. 

i thought maybe frosting deserved its own guilty pleasure category, but since it’s more of a topping, here is the honorable mention. i could eat that stuff out of the can. i mean, i have, but i try not to. i call it the ‘frosting factor’, and the quality of it can make or break a number of desserts. you can turn around a mediocre cookie with some thick, rich frosting. vice versa. you can ruin a donut, a pan of brownies, and cake with poorly made frosting. (none of this whipped cream crap. i need substance!) that was a really round a bout way of saying, swig sugar cookies are another guilty pleasure. i wish they had like, 9% more frosting—but they are pretty close to perfection.

in n out—the meat is fresh, the spread is tangy, and i have perfected my order so that i get just enough to fill me up, but not make me sick. it is paradise in my mouth, and we are in that drive thru line waaay more often than normal, healthy people should be.

the kennedy’s—i read ‘killing kennedy’ last year and it sparked a mini-obsessed with him and jackie, which lasted through 4 or 5 more books and a couple of documentaries. there is something so captivatingly mysterious about them. so cool and collected on the outside, but full of tumultuous times on the inside. they are mystery wrapped up in sophistication, and i can list off an embarrassingly long list of facts i know about them.

british romantic novels—this is so random. but those little phrases, idioms, and replacement words they use in the uk are so cute! the stories are total fluff with almost no substance, but somehow reading it in a british accent makes it all funnier in my head. kathleen tessaro and sophie kinsella are my 2 favorite authors of this genre.

i snapchat like it is my job. it's the only way i can feel justified taking selfies, and so i abuse and overuse it on the daily. (in my defense, it is one of the main forms of communication i have with my friends.)

other things came to mind like jane austen novels, random documentaries, spending time alone…but the thing is, i don’t feel guilty for those things! i feel guilty for my obese attitude towards donuts and my insatiable appetite for re-watching sex and the city, but alone time? i don’t ever question asking for that.

i realized in thinking about all of these things that should make me feel “guilty”, that i kind of cherish them. even though i should always be striving for improvement, i like these little quirks about myself. i like them in other people, too. they make us human.

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  1. my guilty pleasure - nutella. and when I say nutella I mean "grab a big spoon + the biggest jar of nutella, turn on some overly dramatic tv show (or grab a book), snuggle up with a blanket and shamelessly and mindlessly eat the nutella like it's your job". I can go through 1-2 jars a week. It's so embarrassing and I'm sure it's horrible for my body too. but i can't stop.

    1. haha! i love nutella, too. i had to stop making waffles on sunday mornings because i would just spread horrific amounts of nutella on them. ps, have you ever seen the giant jar they sell at costco? it would make you so happy!

  2. I went through an obsession with gossip girl and love it too! I probably got through all 6 seasons a little too quickly. that is so funny that your husband likes it too! I wish my husband did haha, I want to watch it again now!

    1. oh my gosh, im so glad you love gossip girl, too! i'd watch all 6 seasons right now, too.

  3. Is Ke$ha a guilty pleasure? My brothers tell me it's only guilty if you're a dude, but I'm still somewhat ashamed to come out about the obsession. Something about taking glitter and making it rain just calls to me.

  4. Haha you are just so cute. Provo Bakery is amazing.. everything about it. Their sugar cookies.. man don't even get me started!


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