the caribbean.

you guys, this vacation. it was unreal. it is that one vacation that we will keep talking about in 20 years because it was so full of perfectly hilarious and adventurous memories. a few reasons this time was particularly memorable to me:

1.       i’m not usually a “cruise” type of vacationer (i like to do what i want, when i want. you know?) but disney spares NO expense. after pirate night, there was a fireworks show off the ship that was timed to the music from pirates of the carribean. i could have cried, it was so wonderful. broadway style disney shows, jazz music in the lobby, the NBA finals shown on a giant screen above the pool, a movie theatre, (maleficient and million dollar arm are both worth a full price ticket, easy) and every disney movie ever made on demand in our state room, not to mention the food. (there were krispy kremes on board. krispy kremes!!!!) disney knows how to shell out a good, if not opulent, time.

2.        all of our excursions were insanely fun & very authentic. like, riding in a rickety bus through the jungles of jamaica on a two lane road the size of a one lane road, bona fide stuff. i love going off the tourist-beaten path and having unique experiences. chartering a private sailboat through the cayman islands had to be my favorite, though. that turquoise water! it’ll get to ya.

3.        no cell phones. as a cereal picture taker, i ended the trip with hardly any. i didn’t whip out my nice camera once—and although im beating myself up a tiny bit, having no cell service (and not worrying about capturing the picture-perfect moments that happened every 2 seconds) did my soul good. i just soaked up each experience and relished having distraction-free attention from family. for the first time, i’m content with a lot of memories being only etched in my mind, not in my phone.

4.       this vacation was the first time we all really let loose in front of each other. jordan’s sister ciara and i have always had a good relationship, but it was during this week that i thought, you are my sister now. we reached maximum comfort, and it was a big deal to me. jordan’s dad is literally the most serious person i have ever met—he does not speak unless absolutely necessary and is as professional as they come. (unrelated, but he’s also the most talented and athletic man alive. the dude is good at everything he does.) anyway, he was goofy in front of me. he has a goofy side! accents and dancing and fake tantrums? where did this guy come from? that was the glue that sealed this extra close-ness together. i feel like a stastny.

5.       i rediscovered my appreciation for mother earth. #gettinhoaxy --but really, i feel as though my personal magnetic field was rel-aligned with earth’s simply through enjoying her, through being present. there was a connection—me, god and the ocean. me, god, and the beach. me, god, and the jungle. me, god and that endless sky. there is a re-set that goes off in me whenever i take a lot of quality time to soak in this beautiful earth. bountiful is the only word i can think of. this re-set is refreshing, and it’s been the perfect springboard back into real, busy, hectic, stressed out, life. which really, isn’t so bad.

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  1. AGH so jealous! Look at that water! So BLUE! Glad you had such a good time, pretty lady!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  2. Looks beautiful! Did you get to stop by Grenada, per chance? We'll be moving there in a short two months, and I get so excited to hear anything about the place! I'm not too worried though--clearly all islands Caribbean are beautiful.

    Laura --


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