hello, i think you're freakin rad.

to these forgotten about but still amazing photos from portland, you make me say, "holy crap let's go back!"

to my power pump teacher darise, you make me want to punch you in the throat and then kiss you.

to my sparkly wedding ring, who deserves a gawk every time i put her on.

to my boss, for keeping a cell phone charger at my desk and giving me a fat bonus last week.

to friends that pop in to say hello at 10:30 pm and make us laugh real hard.

to wood fired pizza, for being there for me 2 nights in a row.

to you etta james, for sparking a few spontaneous living room slow-dances, and for making my commute fly by in a velvety dream.

you guys make my life magical.

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  1. those pictures are unreal. i love portland & have been dying to go back since we went in october, & those pictures are making me want to go back even more :)

  2. Love the photos! All that greenery, I must visit Portland! What lovely things and people you have in your life! Sounds truly magical. ---Stephanie

  3. Nice! We went to the same falls a few weeks ago on our mega Northwest trip! It's so gorgeous there! I'm still behind on posting the photos... Yours are gorgeous!

  4. etta james though, that's a real thing. do you listen to billie holiday as well? also, yes to this portland thing. yay. i still need to go someday. also, wood fired pizza... would you be referring to fiore? because I AGREE COMPLETELY.
    the little diary

    1. YES billie holiday may come in line juuust after etta. love that. and i AM talking about fiore, and a place called sea salt in slc. both are to die for, but especially fiore. provo food truck tound up FTW!

  5. WOW, those photos. I want to go! where is this in Portland? (I'm so glad I just stumbled upon your blog! I've loved your posts so far and looking forward to reading more.) -leah


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