july 4th happy list.

+ 4 foot long sparklers.
+ illegal fireworks.
+ wake surfing virgin, getting up my second try.
+ reo speedwagon blasting while we swim in the lake.
+ spikeball & volleyball.
+ the way idaho mint fields smell.
+ strawberry cheesecake french toast.
+ boise farmer's market--peach lemonade and meeting buster the bronco.
+ bowling & movie & buffalo wild wings to beat the heat.
+ xbox kinect.
+ sunday naps, sunday life chats.
+ driving home alone = a 5 hour long performance by yours truly. (including everything from the pocahontas soundtrack, to phil collins, to abba, to the entire les mis soundtrack. i have a sore jaw today.)

 photo kaylasig_zps8b40f84e.jpg


  1. Since I have gotten married- sometimes I love car rides alone...BUT FIVE HOURS?! No- thanks! So glad to see that there is another car singer out there :) I am no doubt the girl that every other driver makes fun of!! Sounds so fun!!

    1. oh trust me, i was NOT looking forward to that drive. luckily it went by pretty quickly--i think it was the singing. i'm glad there's another car-singer out there. i just BELT it!

  2. girl, high five on your FIVE HOUR trip. *pound it* seriously impressed! glad you had an amazing fourth!!

  3. Strawberry cheesecake french toast?! Sounds amazing! And I love BWW!! Anddddd wow. I would have something to say about your two food bullet points . . . haha :)

  4. okay all of these pictures are so cute, and that list made me so happy! XOXO
    happy 4th!



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