+ jordan & i started teaching the "marriage and family" sunday school class at church. we have a lot to learn, but i love the opportunity to study families and prepare lessons together. it makes me feel close to him in a way that i never have experienced.

we got all 'american' on ourselves and spent a night at the rodeo a few weeks ago. it smelled like horse manure, the fireworks show was loud, the strawberries and cream were on point, and it felt like fresh, greasy, hometown summer fun. 

+ i finally found someone to run a half marathon with me! i have been wanting to do one for years, but lacked the proper motivation. my good friend alli has ran a few already, & has agreed to be patient as we train together. i don't love running, but i love disciplining myself & accomplishing hard things. (please send any running advice my way! we are training for the halloween half.)

+ surprise flowers from jordan--they never get old! he had them all set up saturday morning, and when he heard me approaching the apartment with a friend--he hid them in his closet. i thought it was pretty hilarious--i want them to be a surprise for just you, he said. 

+ we have been watching modern family from the very beginning, & it may be one of the best decisions we've made as a couple. i laugh out loud & tear up in every. single. episode. 

+ we booked a few trips for late august! jordan & i are going to the big apple for our second anniversary. (i could pee my pants at the thought of being in my favorite city with my favorite human!) the week after, i am joining some of my girls for a few days in anchorage. one of my best friends has been reporting at a news station there for about a year, & we are overdue for a visit. her instagram feed is full of insane pictures--alaska is a stunner. i'm excited to see it for myself!

+ it's pretty obvious--but two major highs of this month: 1. cruising around the carribbean with my in laws and having the time of our lives, and 2. working at ksl, & experiencing almost everything i could have wanted out of a summer internship. 

+ sunshine and high temps! when i'm not working, or interning, or at the gym or commuting or any of the other thousand things that fill up my life, i have enjoyed a few evening walks and picnics. i love the heat, and i'll gladly take it any day. 


+ we dropped ciara off at the mtc last wednesday. do you hear that? it's my heart breaking right in half. having two sisters gone is rough business, but its a happy-sad. they are both rock stars and they are too happy for me to be that upset about it.

+ i sprained my ankle in jamaica. (apparently i can hike up an slippery water-fall sans injury, but walking down stairs? hilarious.) the swelling has finally subsided, though!

+ i have felt a little creatively squelched this month, in several categories of life. i work really hard to bring a lot of ideas to the table, & it's discouraging to have them rejected, or simply blown off. i know it builds character, but it's depressing.

+ everyone has an 'insanity' threshold, & i breached mine about a month ago. all of the traveling is so fun, i'm incredibly lucky. & it's so 'first world' of me to complain about it, i know. i just need more than 3 consecutive nights in my own bed and a full day to just catch up, please. the lack of sleep, of cleaning, of laundry, of alone time, of healthy habits, of quality husband time, i'm done with it. i'm done. we decided to drive to boise for the 4th, (one of those, 'don't want to, but should' decisions) and i mentally screamed at the thought of having to pack another bag. once we make it through to the weekend of the 11th, i'm hoping things can slow down for just a few weekends. hashtag for my sanity.

hey june, you've been one for the books. bring it on, new month! i'm excited to see what you've got for us.

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  1. Life sounds good! :) That's so cute that Jordan wanted the flowers to be only for you :) Also, I think we talked a few months ago about how I was going to NY this summer, and I asked you for recommendations. Well, plans have changed and we cancelled that trip, so now I'm insanely jealous that you are going! But happy for you :) Have fun!!

  2. wow, i love your life! haha!
    and we LOVE modern family! my husband finally cracked down and bought all of the seasons so I could watch them, and I am obsessed! modern family marathon!? let's do it!
    super jealous of your trips! you guys are traveling monsters!
    and yay for a half marathon! it is the best feeling EVER crossing that finish line!

    but your lows make me sad...so I'm not commenting on those. haha! other than...when I drop my sister off at the MTC in november, we will have to go to ice cream so you can tell me that your sister has been out for four months and it flew by. deal? deal.

  3. woo! i grew up in anchorage and you will LOVE it! it's amazing. as far as half marathons go, i ran my first one last summer. biggest advice is don't ever skip your long runs, and in the beginning i got BAD shin splints. icing really really helped. i would take those tiny dixie cups, fill them half full with water and freee them. then after runs i'd rip off the top and ice my shins. eventually shin splints went away but that helped me survive in the beginning as i adjusted! also rolling out my arches with a racquetball. it was a weird suggestion to me from a friend but i swear by it now! good luck! can't wait to read about all your adventures!


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