& a little more of the caribbean.

i have come to love the fact that all of our pictures from this trip are cell-phone quality, grainy, & blurry. it makes the memories seem a little less perfect and a little more real. the movement, the fun, and the energy of our time together is evident in the pictures, even though they aren't HD. 

jamaica was my favorite stop (minus the 'spraining my ankle' part)-- lush green everywhere, kick butt accents from all of the natives, & of course, sailing through the air in our super-attractive harness/helmet combo. zip-lining was pretty unbelievable. 

THESE PEOPLE. i love these people!

these are the only 2 shots i got from our day on disney's private island. (because why wouldn't disney have their own island?) we literally laid on floaties in the water all day like it was our job. minus a break to eat and a break to ride the water-slide.

jordan pulling through with some artsy shots. that boy loves to take pictures.

my in-laws rocking their classic cowboy hats & jordan off in his own world, also a classic. (and does it look like his board shorts are a skirt? or is that just me?)

and what would a vacation be without a hyper husband? jordan was so hilarious on this whole trip, i think some of my psychotic behavior has rubbed off on him after a few years. also please note my diseased forehead. i got fried to a crispy our first day in mexico & this is the last of the peeling. (before there was a surprised second-round.) if i learned anything valuable from this vacation, it was that i  need to convert to spf instead of tanning oil. :)


  1. Looks like so much fun!! I have been dying for a warm tropical vacation. I must have been spoiled when i was younger!! But seriously- the spf vs. tanning oil. I still am dying for the tans I always had when I was in high school- but really I need to just stop caring!! SPF 4 life!

  2. um, excuse me, but in the last picture what lip color are you wearing? it's just - it's beautiful.

  3. YES. These Caribbean pictures are killin' me (also, I really do love the cell-phone quality). My mind is no longer useful to me or anyone else while it is in the states. Can't wait to be in those tropics!


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