my perfect day.

i have this fixation with the idea of having a flawless day--full of things you love; a balance of adventure, coupled with relaxation. i remember a day in logan where i spent the morning volunteering and at the temple, the afternoon full of tennis and hiking and girlfriends. it was complete bliss, all day. these kind of days don't come along very often, but this past friday may sneak it's way on to my 'favorite day' list.

i woke up, got ready, and drove onto the studio 5 set. i had produced a segment that was taping that day, and since i had the day off i decided to oversee the taping & make sure everything went smoothly. i got to spend time with the other intern (she is a doll & i am obsessed with her) and be a part of the tv-taping energy that i love so, so much.

as i headed home, i called jordan. he told me he was pretty swamped with work--so knowing i wasn't going to get his attention at home, i flipped a u-turn and headed to city creek. i ate lunch alone and read a book. (that is a 5-star luxury for me!) i bought my husband some godiva chocolate covered strawberries, and myself a new lipstick. i wandered the temple visitor's center, snapped around 800 pictures of the temple, and chatted with a couple celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.

i sat at the reflecting pool and a sweet old lady asked me, quite randomly, if she could take a picture of me. i walked a few blocks to the downtown cathedral and enjoyed the silence, illuminated by colored light from the stained glass. a spanish exchange group joined me after a few minutes, and the group leader asked me, in a thick accent, why i was in a cathedral if i wasn't catholic. ' i came in to enjoy the peace' i told him.

i walked out and admired all of the charming city apartments. a homeless man told me i was "too young to be that pretty." i laughed at a girl that ate it on a long board. (i waited until she was out of earshot, of course.) i was in this delightful mood--the energy of the day and the city seemed to captivate me. i was just happy. happy to be downtown, happy to be walking down the street, happy that the sun was shining, happy to be alive.

jordan and i went to a friend's art exhibit opening later that evening before stopping by in-n-out. we vegged on the couch, we watched a movie, we bought milkshakes, we made out a lot. i fell asleep on his chest and he didn't move me off until i was too sound to even notice. and that, i believe, was the perfect end to a possibly perfect day. there you have it.

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  1. That does sound like an incredibly blissful day. I am jealous. After reading this post, I have decided to take more days for myself and do things that I truly love, and that truly make me happy! Thank you for inspiring me! You're gorgeous and that pic of you in front of the temple is so pretty!!


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