taking stock 04.

car selfies. it happens. 

checking: a few things off of our summer bucket list. we’re coming for you, provo river and outdoor yoga and drive-in movies! 

cooking: flautas. from costco. in the microwave. every night for the past week.

reading: z, a novel of ella fitzgerald. it’s similar to the paris wife, in that it chronicles the life of a famous writer’s wife. it’s impeccably written.

listening to: the parent trap sound track.

missing: my sister missionaries. having them both gone is haaaaard, you guys. i still pick up the phone to call them or accidentally send them snapchats sometimes. then i think, oh. and i get a little misty eyed.   
looking forward to: friday night—our big plans involve in n out, watching movies, & falling asleep early. married life, am i right?

needing: to unpack my bag from last weekend. but i don’t have to pack one for 2 whole weekends! i am so pleased about attending my own ward and sleeping in my own bed and going on dates with my freakin cute husband.

watching: million dollar arm. we saw it again & it was just as good as the first time J

excited about: the food we are going to eat while in nyc. but really, i think about it every day. pastries, bagels, pizza, ice cream, oh and shake shack every day, because duh.

needing: more sleep! what else is new. why do i always think “i’m having fun, it’ll be fine. i’ll just drink caffeine tomorrow!” ugh. i could strangle myself.

smelling: my anthro candle that i finally broke down & purchased last month. #worthit

excited: about taping a little segment for ksl tomorrow morning. 

wearing: nail polish for the first time in months.  

experiencing: a lot of pain in my crotch. tmi? my downstairs parts were not prepared for that 20 mile bike ride last night. however, bike riding at night is bliss, a thousand times bliss!

thinking: about a conference talk i listened to on the way home from boise—“love, the essence of the gospel.” thinking about ways to better center my life around love. 

feeling:  super grateful for the family i have. feeling hopeful. feeling excited.  

loving: my life in this moment.  

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  1. You're the cutest, and super funny. Haha sorry for your pain ;)

  2. Tell me more about these flautas....

    I told Cory we were going on a date this weekend and I'm planning it. It's really just a ruse so I can make him buy new shorts for summer. Married life, man.

  3. Alsooooo, idk maybe we need to be in each others snap chat lives...

  4. This list is great - you had me at outdoor yoga!! :)

  5. isn't that pain t h e w o r s t?! yep. that's why i broke down + got cushion bum pants. tmi? hahahha ;)

  6. i love this list, drive in movies are the best! ugh & i feel your pain on the long bike rides!


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