why we work.

i have seen a couple of these posts floating around the internet, so i thought i'd take a stab at my own version. every couple is so different, and i love that--everyone has different needs and connects at a different pace, and honestly, you can never know what a marriage is like from the outside. it all works out in a distinct way for every couple. but you guys, i'm really grateful i snagged jordan. we drive each other completely batty, (oh man, do we ever) but in the grand scheme of things, i really believe that we needed each other. that specifically, he and i, together--that's where we were both meant to end up. & here's why we "work."

we work because i'm a dreamer and you're a positive realist. you help me keep my goals on track, you help me make plans. i help you shoot a little higher. you like picking up clutter and i like deep cleaning. we work because we know how to make each other giggle when we're having a bad day.

we work because we are both independent, & we aren't afraid to do our own thing. we work because we are genuinely excited about each other's goals, and we actively work to make sure the other person is supported. but also, we work because we know we come first in each other's lives. we work because we have the same high expectations for our lives, and we won't quit until we get there together.

we work because our pet peeves are not the same & we don't allow each other to rage, ever. we work because the days you remember to read scripture are the days i forget, and vice versa. we work because we are both obsessed with cuddling, especially in the morning.

we work because i don't cook, and you couldn't care less. we work because you help me invest less what others think of me. i help you branch out of your comfort zone. we work because you help me keep my emotions in check, & you are patient with me.

but most of all, we work because we are crazy about each other. i love you a crap-load, stastny.

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  1. I love this. I don't understand the statement "being married is so much better than being single". It's not, not for me anyway. Marriage is the same struggle as single life. I still face the same trials, insecurities and concerns. Marriage is hard, marriage is work. Who you marry is what makes a real difference. I love how you describe in this what your husband does, and what you do and what really makes you two click. Just because you're married doesn't mean it's your "happily ever after". It's all about what you and your spouse do to keep each other in check and to keep the love strong.


  2. At first I thought this was a post about why you both worked. As in, had jobs...
    Maybe I shouldn't read blogs before 6am anymore.

    1. hahaha i like to keep you on your toes. also, SNAPCHAT ME. ka_clark

  3. Oh my I love this. I also love seeing people in love in general. I posted something like this a couple months back not knowing others were too. I think it's important to reflect on your sweetheart and what it actually is that makes you work so well together. Beautifully written.

    Here's the post I mentioned:


  4. this is so cute. i haven't seen a post like this before, but it is adorable & such a good idea. & your blog is adorable, so glad i found it!


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