1 year mark.

my baby girl hit 1 year - now we've only got 6 more months to go! holy cow, has the time flown by. i am not usually a vocal person about religion, but it's a big part of my life. it is my life, and having a sister on a church mission has solidified everything i believe in.

you guys, i love the gospel. i love my savior. i love the doctrine of the family. i love the temple. it brings me so much happiness. it brings my life into perspective, it gives it purpose. it puts a silver lining on even the most horrible days. i am so grateful that i get to start over each day, and for the motivation to always be better.

 i'm grateful for the peace living the gospel brings. so much peace.

having ashlyn out on a mission has really drove home how real this gospel is, at least for me. she is out there spreading light, and christ is helping her every day. she is becoming closer to him every day, and i can feel it through her words. i feel it when i pray for her.

i know that christ is real, because i can see it in her.

ashlyn and i have been inseparable for a long time, but i think being separated this past year may have brought us closer. i see this new side to her that i cannot get enough of, and really. i have never been  more proud of a human being. i can't imagine what it will be like to have kids that excel at something. my heart can't even handle it.

i can't wait to have that girl in my arms (man, oh man how glorious that day will be!) but for now, she is grounding my feet in the gospel with her service. she is blessing me in ways i didn't know someone could from thousands of miles away.

and i have 6 more months of being insanely excited to check the mail every week.

love you, sister clark!

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  1. how exciting! i have a younger brother who will be old enough to serve in a year or so and i'm going to miss him terribly. but i'm excited to see him grow as he helps others. thanks for sharing your testimony. 6 more months, you've got this!!! :)

  2. How sweet! This is such a gorgeous post. I am so excited for you! - Stephanie


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