happy list 05.

+ an entire weekend to ourselves. our friends cancelled our saturday plans last weekend & we were secretly like 'yes!' because time just the two of us is so rad.
+ getting caught in a summer thunderstorm and getting completely soaked.
+ watching the sun set at squaw peak together.
+ pulling the mattress in the living room for a 3-night sleepover.
+ walking in to teach sunday school & having the front row say "you guys are teaching again? yes! we were hoping it would be you." my heart could have burst right there. 
+ shooting our 2 year anniversary pictures with mila, & having her be just as charming as i had imagined.
+ exploring new neighborhoods on sunday walks.
+ mapping out our trip to nyc, 1 neighborhood at a time. (any suggestions?) jordan spent 2 hours memorizing the subway system so that we won't get lost upon arrival. is he great, or is he great?
+ discovering karate kid in the gold's gym cardio cinema. so. good. where was that movie when i was 13?  
+ when my 16 year old brother texts me about his dating life.
+ when jordan and i are mega-hyper on the same day.
+ all of my 5 year old dreams coming true - having a tea party at the grand america with my hilariously perfect girlfriends.  

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  1. cutest ever. you two are adoooorable!!

  2. How sweet! My husband and I are going to Melbourne next month to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary and spend some time together, really looking forward to it! You have such a lovely life and it's so good to see that you are loving and appreciating it all. Your posts are so inspiring and remind me to love the little things and cherish them for they are the moments that mean the most. -Stephanie

  3. Love your happy life! :) But can I just say that between the talk of NY coming in on my blog feed from you and Kelli, I'm so jealous! So sad we had to cancel our NY trip . . . but I hope you guys have the best time :)

  4. oh my goodness, i'm going to nyc too! next week. planning is HARD. sounds like you've had the best summer! i love your love.

  5. When do we get to see these pictures that Mila took?! I'm dying to see them!!

  6. just stumbled into your blog. so cute. if you're in the city over a weekend, you seriously have to hit up smorgasburg. it's kind of like the provo food truck roundup but with better food and cooler people (baby mama? anyone? k.) it's a fun way to get to see brooklyn though. house of small wonder is amazing as well! basically if you need any food recommendations, just let me know.

  7. yay!!! i love finding other happy lists! i really think we should do a link up or something, don't you!
    the little diary


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