we returned to the slc airport in the wee hours of the morning this morning. and after just a few short hours of sleep, i am back at my desk, going through pictures, reminiscing, and getting chills. 

we woke each morning to run ourselves ragged, hurrying around the city and taking a thousand photos and soaking up that new york energy. then, when the sky was dark and the city all lit-up, we would stumble up the three flights of stairs to our apartment and collapse, our legs aching and feet sore.

of all the places i've been to on this planet, new york is my very favorite. experiencing the city - the spirit it has, the fire it lights within me, the tingling energy it pours over my body, that was magnificent. but experiencing all of that, with jordan? it was superb, and a million times more magical. 

 photo kaylasig_zps8b40f84e.jpg


  1. looks so fun! that last picture is super super cool. that's awesome that you love NYC so much -- I, too, am inspired by big cities. :)

  2. I have never been to New York but it is definitely on my bucket list! What a fun vacation! I am excited to see more pictures! What was your favorite place to eat there?

  3. so fun that you went to ny! ny is one of the funnest places to me, i love the vibe & energy of such a big city. my cousin just moved there & i keep telling me husband that we should go visit her & your pictures a reallllllly making me think it needs to happen :)

  4. you're so right, there's something about new has this energy to it. also, did you go to the shake shack?? tell me you went there! it's to dieeeee for!

    1. oh we went to shake shack, more times than i want to admit :)

  5. can we be trip buddies?! looks like you two had a BLAST. ps count it as a blessing your hubby is the photographer ;) jay doesn't even appreciate all the pictures i take of him hahahha ;)


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