summer bucket list checks.

- last month, i woke up extra early to see the hot air balloon festival in provo. easily worth the sleepy eyes. they were magical!

- because of SO many trips to boise this summer, (i think we've made 6 trips. that's 60 hours of driving time, barf) we have been able to spend some time with my family, and it's been bliss. i always underestimate how rejuvenating family time is. little sister always ends up braiding my hair & requests selfies on her iphone. (i didn't get a cell phone until i was 16, and my 12 year old sis has an iphone! those spoiled youngest children..)

- wednesday nights have been devoted to dinner + yoga classes at the grand america with my ladies. i wish we could keep this tradition all year round!

-we went to our first real game together! we got lucky and scored these BOMB seats on ksl for a really reasonable price. (bonus! they were in the shade. half of that stadium was roasting in the afternoon heat.) soccer games encompass such a fun atmosphere - good stadium food, lots of singing and yelling, and we won! that afternoon gets an A+

- we floated the provo river earlier this summer - it was ice cold and there were lots of sharp rocks (we had bruised butts for a few days..) but those views of provo canyon! now those are unbeatable.

- we spent a night channeling our inner hick at the sale lake county fair demolition derby. we made a stop at the DI beforehand to pick up the usual: camo leggings, an NRA trucker hat, you know. this may label me as a red neck, but there is something so satisfying about watching cars smash into each other, and it was easily one of my favorite summer nights. (also! i ate a fried twinkie because...duh. & it was deeee-lightful.)

- when we are in town on sunday evenings, the night is usually devoted to exploring new neighborhoods around utah county. of all the adventures we get to go on together, taking these walks may be my favorite.

- my summer at ksl is coming to a close, as today is my last day. (cue dramatic sobs, really though.) this internship has been challenging, but so rewarding and perfect and empowering.

- also pictured: bridal shower for my girl allison, a view of temple square from one of many evenings wandering around downtown, and este pizza (huge slices for 2.50!) in slc.

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  1. do you live in provo? we need to be friends!

  2. Demolition derbies are so awesomely redneck, but also awesomely entertaining. Nothing like having a radiator blow up and antifreeze spray all over the crowd. Have you ever been to a figure eight race? They are on the same level as demo derbies. Check one out if you get the chance!

  3. So many fun adventures and pretty pictures! And dinner and yoga classes with friends sounds absolutely perfect!
    xo TJ

  4. Cute blog! Sounds like a fun summer of adventures!

  5. sounds like the perfect summer! what fun adventures! :)

  6. yoga classes at the grand america?! that sounds amazing! loved seeing all of the pictures of your summer adventures :)


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