and just like that, it's fall again.

ah, september. isn't september such a pretty sounding word? say it over and over, it's fresh and has a crunch to it - it also has this hopeful sound that rings after the word has finish escaping from your mouth. i'm probably the tiniest bit biased, being a september baby - and being married to one, but this month is tied with december for the happiest. (and maybe june can come in a close second. the beginning of the summer is magic!)

i know every white girl on planet earth loves fall, because pumpkin spice and boots, right? but it's the feeling of a clean slate that gets me. september just feels like the time to start over - the leaves are about to die and experience rebirth. & it seems like to right time to have a rebirth ourselves, to shed the excess, the fluff, the noise. to recommit. i feel the most motivation in this very month. yet, there is a feeling of buoyancy that comes with fall because we've started the homestretch to the holidays. this month comes with so much anticipation of the future. but it's this quiet anticipation, like if you bounced up and down or yelled from excitement you'd break the spell. it's haunting, in the most excellent way.

oh, and those fall walks. (there are not enough exclamation points in the universe to describe my love of walking!) i live for that crisp air and that fall smell, does anyone know what i'm talking about? it smells the tiniest bit like a campfire, with a little bit of dead leaves in there, all organic and cozy. and the air just feels cleaner, like you can taste it, reeeally taste it. and it tastes like cozying up in your warm apartment, and it tastes like new school supplies, and it tastes like those christmas tingles in your stomach. (too soon?)

fall, i'm ready for your magic, and i'm also ready to bust out my christmas playlists :) happy september!

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  1. Woop!! I'm a September baby too :) It's starting to already feel like Fall here in Rexburg and I secretly love it! I'm just not excited for all the snow that I know will be here too soon.

  2. Love the way that you have described fall. I couldn't agree more. I'm so excited for the changes and the way the air is different!

  3. amen sista. p.s. if you like pumpkin spice you should try my drink! tell the barista "hot grande steamer, 2 pumps pumpkin spice, 1 caramel, 1 vanilla" IT IS SERIOUSLY SOOOOO DELICIOUS.
    the little diary

  4. Oh man.. I love Fall!! I have been patiently waiting for everyone else to be as ready as I am! Cute pictures :)

  5. Ah yes. I made a fall board on Pinterest yesterday. I could not resist! I am excited for it to be here.

  6. Happy fall to you! Spring just started here :) xo


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