going to the state fair & being in love.

on friday night we went to the state fair, after a considerable amount of begging on my part. (crowds and greasy food aren't jordan's scene, really.) we invited several friends, but nobody could make it - so we ended up going solo, just the two of us. 

we made a pit stop at the mall beforehand, and at one point i was doubled over inside of the gap, laughing so hard there was no actual noise coming out of my mouth. jordan is so hilarious when he is hyper! i revert into a 12-year old state where i literally can't stop laughing, and everything he does sends the giggles bubbling over. 

once we arrived, we shared a bowl of ice cream and paid 2 dollars to see the "giant, man-eating rat" which ended up being the most adorable capybara. so worth it. we held hands and told jokes and people watched and definitely made out at the top of the ferris wheel. 

i felt really aware the entire night, just aware of him and aware of who we are when we're together, nobody else. and ya know, i really like who we are when we just have each other to bounce off of. we have a killer dynamic going on - where we can be silly and serious all within the same minute. we're on the same wavelength, & sometimes i think we've even started to share it. 

and although we were surrounded by throngs of people, we were the only two that mattered that night. kind of like when you first start dating and that person is your sun, everything else revolves around them? i realized then, that's still how jordan is to me. everything else revolves around him. everything begins and ends with jordan. it was really reaffirmed that he is the only person i need to be happy - and although i have so many (so many!) wonderful people to call mine, he beats everyone out by a thousand points. i love my j baby and hanging out, just the two of us - that's my heaven. 

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  1. hello nostalgia!! chase and i had some good early dates at the utah state fair -- love it!


  2. This is so sweet. Love is so great. Tell Jordan funnel cakes and greasy fair foods are also so great. Like, SO great.

  3. So precious. You two are my favorite couple. We wanted to go the fair so badly. I begged and begged. But timing just didn't allow us to.

  4. this is so cute. i wish we had been able to make it to the fair! love your pictures

  5. so fun. And I love state fairs!! :)

  6. Love is sweet! It also gets better with time, I think! In all stages of life :)

  7. i loooove this post!! so perfectly written! next time invite us! ;) sounds so fun!

  8. Oh super cute! I have not been to a fair before, it sure looks like fun though! Maybe I will attend the festival that is coming up with my other half. xo


  9. the fair, I haven't been to one in years! Looks like you guys had fun, just the two of you :)

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  10. 1. you are a gifted storyteller/writer
    2. you guys and your love is sooooooo lovely. for lack of a better adjective. really, you guys are awesome.

  11. I love how you celebrate your relationship. So many people (my self included) are guilty of not always highlighting their marriage, even though it is the most amazing thing in life!

  12. How I wish there were such a fair in Singapore, look like you two had fun!x

    All white


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