i believe in.

girwood, alaska

i believe eating dessert before dinner. i believe in cheesy, slap-stick humor. i believe that sugar cookies and fresh peaches can make you feel better about life. i believe in giving people second chances. also third and fourth and fifth chances, too. i believe that your life is a result of your attitude. i believe that everything is a choice. i believe in always being the bigger person.

i believe in rainy days and so so much, i believe in the power of books and reading. i believe in loving deeply and in a very complete way. i believe in impulsive decisions and spontaneity, but i also believe in working hard and making something of yourself. i believe that photographs can convey specific feelings.

i believe in mischief. i believe in breaking rules, but only sometimes. i believe in those moments where you feel total peace from the universe, and i believe that god grants us those moments the more we ask for them. i believe in silly dancing and big band music. i believe in 3 coats of mascara and i believe in jcrew. i believe in smothering people with kisses and squeezing their bums. 

i believe in to-do lists and planners. i believe in making goals. i believe in isolation and silence, but i also believe that big cities are where magic happens. i believe in all of the fresh flowers. i believe in christmas magic. i believe in throwing your head back when you laugh real hard, and i believe that loving someone, loving everyone, is the most noteworthy thing you can do with your life.

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  1. <3 Amen to all, but especially to third, fourth, and fifth chances.

  2. You're so lovely, Kayla. You're like the loveliest human on the plant. Just after reading your post I always want to be a better person.

  3. This is great - I love all of these. You're just one of those people who know what's most important in life

  4. This is such a lovely post, I really love your blog! xx


  5. this is beautiful. every word of it!
    you had me from the first sentence: i believe eating dessert before dinner...
    and the rain. ♥

    xo welltraveledwife.com

  6. yes + yes. raise my hand to this whole list. lots of love my friend + HOPE your week away from your lovie is going okay!!

  7. I agree with every one of these! This reminds me that all the little, simple things in life, strung together, is what makes life so wonderful!

  8. I guess I beleive in 2nd,3rd, and 4th chances too because my boy seems to get an awful lot of "last chances" ha ha. Beautiful list....my fave is probably the Christmas magic!

  9. Ok... why are we not bffs? Because I'm pretty sure we're meant to be! Girdwood is one of my all time favorite places, on earth!! I love peaches (fav fruit) and sugar cookies, rainy days, big band music, as many chances as we need, and everything else you just said. <3


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