lots of celebrating going on over here.

the best part about celebrating 2 years was reminiscing about our perfect day. i will never, ever forget the moment we walked in to the sealing room together and saw all of the faces of our loved ones smiling up at us, bright and excited. i swear, i understood what heaven felt like in that moment. the rest of the day was a blur of nerves and happy tears and smiles - i could not stop smiling!

technically, our new york trip was our anniversary gift to each other. we celebrated again this last saturday with a nice dinner and an rsl game (we can't get enough of those lately!) then monday, the actual day, rolled around. i figured we'd grab in n out and exchange cards. but when i walked in the door from work, there was a giant bag on the table (accompanied by my favorite flowers i have ever received) and before even saying hi jordan commanded, "open it!" 

that guy. he consistently pulls out all the stops to give me what i want & make me feel loved. get this - he had gathered an array of items, each signifying a "first" for us. a can of frosting and cookie mix, because we made christmas cookies the night of our first kiss. hot chocolate mix, because we had gone to grab some for our first date. a ghiradelli bar, because we went to ghiradelli square about 17 times on our honeymoon. bubble gum, because our first trip together was to seattle, and the gum wall was our first stop, etc etc. (are we seeing a theme of sweets going on here? it's because jordan and dessert make up most of my happiness in this world.) is he the sweetest, or is he the sweetest? man alive, i love that guy!

the day after our anniversary is jordan's birthday, and - just like the last 2 years - i couldn't sleep beforehand because i had birthday jitters for him. seriously though, i'm a little ridiculous. i spent a few weeks gathering pictures of jordan's loved ones holding up different letters spelling out, happy birthday jordan, and made a poster out of it! (this was one of my best gift-giving moments, and i pride myself in that ability.) throughout the few weeks gathering pictures for the poster, i was just overwhelmed. every time i got a new email or text with the picture i had requested, my heart just swelled, and i even got emotional a few times. we have such incredible people in our life and are so lucky!

we celebrated the rest of the day with 24 balloons & 24 of the best things about jordan on them, chocolate cake from costco (because no birthday would be complete without it) pizza, cuddling, presents, and a 9/11 documentary at his request? weirdo, right? either way, i love this guy a million, and love celebrating him!

and now today is my birthday, so the party continues! holy crap, september, i could smooch you right on the face!

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  1. You guys had hot chocolate on your first date? Man... We did too!! Now I know what really makes it or breaks it on the first date. We should start a book called "success stories of having hot chocolate

  2. you are so thoughtful to get all that pre-birthday prep done for such a great gift! i love that idea so much! also, your wedding pics are GORGEOUS. happy birthdays/anniversary to you guys!

  3. Happy birthday!! Sounds like September is a crazy month in your household! That poster was such a dang cute idea :) I will have to remember that.

  4. Okay that poster is brilliant. may have to remember that one. Have a great birthday!

  5. party month for september!! glad you're having a b l a s t <3

  6. holy cow! september is the best month for you guys with an anniversary and two birthdays!! cutest ideas, btw.
    the little diary

  7. such good gift ideas! september is a busy month for you two cuties!


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