1. making friends with provo wildlife. her - llama. him - teacup puppy. (but really, look how tiny!)

2. attended the most darling "favorite things" party in the most enchanted backyard. i am dying to throw one of my own.

3. date night one saturday - checking out chalk the block at riverwoods? my idea. playing ALL of the shooting games at nickelcade? jordan's idea. 

4. madi's boss has a season suite as usana amphitheater - so occasionally we get free dinner
+ free concert. this night happened to be drake v lil' wayne. oh you guys, so nasty. so, so nasty. so not fitting in. but it was possibly one of the most hilarious nights of my existence. (when people ask how it was i say, 'well, it was entertaining.')

5. we completed the world's largest scavenger hunt! it was a sweaty blast - running around like mad all around provo with about 20 thousand other people. we even got free t shirts!

6. jordan and i donning aforementioned free t shirts // an early birthday dinner at city creek with my bestie danielle. our birthdays are 4 days apart and all growing up we wanted to have a joint birthday party. this was the closest we got, but will make it happen next year!

7. selfies on our way to olive garden at 4pm. we were so hungry we could hardly even talk to each other on the drive over. um, when did we become 80 years old?

8. a few pictures from the real soccer game a few weeks ago! we're seriously considering season tickets for this upcoming season. those games are too fun!
 photo kaylasig_zps8b40f84e.jpg


  1. looks like september was a blast for you guys!
    that scavenger hunt sounds like so much fun.
    happy fall :)

  2. Love it. You guys are so much fun!

  3. Chalk the block looks so much fun. I had a ton of friends posting about it. I don't know how I don't know about these things until they pass. Makes me rage!!

    1. mila, sign up for "provo scene" - it will email you once a week telling you of all the events going on that week in utah county. it helps me stay up to date!

    2. Okay totally just signed up for that, so thanks :) Also, your life seems so fun. Haha you've always got random and fun things going on! :)

  4. What a fun month!! Justin & I got RSL season tickets for this season and we LOVE LOVE LOVE having season guys should do it. you will love it.

  5. September looks like the best one in the history books! :) Also, teacup puppy? SO CUTE. I have been looking at them for agesssss. They are adorable!

  6. Oh these images are so fun!! p.s. belated happy birthday to you x

  7. Ahhhhhh that puppy!!!! So cute! Also...wish they had Olive Garden down here in New Zealand. Because, breadsticks.

  8. You two are the cutest! And happy happy birthday!

  9. thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! it always makes my day to have just one person like or relate to what i'm doing, and oh yes, dessert lovers unite! ps. you are gorgeous and i want your hair!


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