great things around here // october 2014

when san fran shares cassidy with us. girlfriend times equals treats and obnoxious laughing and bliss.

center street strolls, stopping at the einstein wall because why not?

when we sneak in a mid week date, grab sodalicious, drive up the canyon, and take a few pictures to memorialize the occasion.

carving pumpkins with friends on the last monday of september (our friend kristin is a halloween fiend and she couldn't last until the new month.) being so proud of our cute little face until i looked over and saw this intricate carving of a bird family on the scavo's pumpkin. (thanks for making us look bad, you guys.)

attending the most darling tea party at "dear lizzie" with some of the cutest gals around. but really, that place is to die for. girly heaven. (apologies to katherine and riley for cutting you out of the picture, i still adore you both!)

an ecstatic reunion after jordan took a networking trip to ny.

lunch & an mtc drop off for my cousin bentley, who is headed to france. how cute is she? i love missionaries!  

the fact that jordan's face is pretty dang cute, even when it's clean-shaven.

sunday walks around daybreak lake after family dinners. (we also found the "up" house!)


  1. omg the Up house is so cute. Also, glad I made it in that picture. Poor Riley and Kathrine - RIP.


    1. haha i know, i'm awful. i thought about changing the entire layout of the pictures to fit all of us in there...but then laziness took over. you look darling in that picture, luckily :)


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