& on to november!

after a networking trip this month, i picked jordan up from the airport and we wandered downtown while we waited for our bellies to get hungry. (also, if you ever find yourself in murray, utah - go to italian villeg & order a pizza bender! you will not regret it.) usually i make jordan ask strangers to take pictures of us, on account of my shyness. i really do get so shy around strangers, which i don't feel like fits with the rest of my persona. anyway, i was feeling brave and bold and so i bounded up to a group of married couples and look! they actually got a really wonderful shot of us & the temple!

a few months ago my friend madi added to me an ongoing group message with some mutual friends - it's called "pizza and naps" and you guys it's the greatest thing to happen to my world! it's basically a never-ending feed of buzzfeed articles, funny pictures, and inappropriate jokes. i skipped class one afternoon to have lunch with these ladies - and it was so worth it. we discussed blake lively's plastic surgery extensively.

now that the sun rises later + sets earlier, i have the privilege of driving to work during the sunrise, and home during the sunsets. lucky me, right? even though getting up at 6 is fairly heinous, utah has been nailing it with her cotton candy skies - pinks and golds and purples that are like easter. none of those pictures are filtered, can you believe it??

our good friends melissa & taylor welcomed baby liam into the world last week! oh man, you guys. BABIES, am i right? you know how newborns, (although still precious) are usually a little swollen and funky looking? NOT THIS ONE. liam was not in the birth canal for very long, and so he is this perfectly shaped child, angelic and snuggly.  there is something about newborns that sticks with me. after we left the hospital, all evening i was thinking about this baby. it really is like experiencing a little slice of heaven. although it's not our time for kids yet, i can't wait to have my own to be fixated on!

proof that my husband is a good sport. 

we caught the last of the fall colors up little cottonwood a few weekends ago, and explored the short little jaunt up to cecret lake. jordan has taught me to be a sucker for reflections, and this lake was like glass! 

i finished my first half marathon! ("finished" being the operative word here. i could have switched out "first" for "only," but who cares.) there was a barfing incident at mile 5, and i literally had to be bed-ridden for the next 2 days, but overall it was a positive experience. i'm mostly happy i accomplished something i've been talking about for years! that makes my soul feel good, and i needed that boost of "i can do hard things" attitude that i seem to have misplaced this semester. (but make no mistake, i am back to weight lifting and yoga and cycling. contrary to popular belief, running a race didn't turn me into a runner. sorry, runner friends.)

for someone who has no claim to loving animals, i really love wearing them. anyone else experience this strange phenomenon? horses, elephants, deers - i'll buy it. (a guy at work told me, "it's not christmas yet! why are you wearing a reindeer? cue incredulous look from me.)

my snapchat game on point. i was actually pretty proud of this one. 

i started getting bored of my hair - and so i went white blonde & have been experimenting with braids. also, since i only wash my hair a few times a week, i usually throw it up in a top knot the last day - and for some reason totally unbeknownst to me, i always get a thousand compliments on those days. when i spend a half hour creating perfect waves? not a word. but if i throw all the grease back into a butterball on top of my head, everyone thinks i look like a princess. go figure.

a party with new friends/a birthday celebration with old friends. also, that bottom picture WAS the best one we got, unfortunately. 

aaaaand i'll send you out with the last of my leaf photos. october, you were fab - but bring on thanksgiving break and socially acceptable christmas music!



  1. A couple things:
    -I'm cracking up at your snapchat lady liberty!
    -Fall colors are the best colors -- skies and trees.
    -I love your deer blouse! Actually, I love anything deer.

  2. Cutest pictures! Man you should have submitted photos to the magazine that I'm working on this semester . . . there was a photo contest that just ended two days ago :( Maybe next semester? ;) PS do you and Kelli know each other from real life or just from blogging? :)

    1. we met through blogging, although we probably would have eventually met in real life - we have lots of mutual friends. she's wonderful!

  3. your month looks like it was full of fall fun. here are my things:
    - you said yoga. where do you do yoga bc yoga is the greatest of my life.
    - um i think you have princess hair always

    you da best.

    1. i do yoga at gold's! we'll discuss on wednesday :)

  4. Congrats on finishing your first half marathon! Even if it didn't turn you into a runner, at least you can check that off your list!

  5. those mountains are beautiful! and I love your fishtail braid, adorable

  6. I want to be like you when I grow up (running half marathons & stuff.. You are my inspiration).

  7. Your life looks so interesting!!!

  8. wait, i totally threw up too! at the finish line haha. my running buddy and i decided to sprint the end which just so happened to be the WORST decision for my stomach. yep. don't mind me, just some upchuck over by the medal tables... and those fall leaves are beautiful. i'm sad to see them all go.

  9. Okayyyyy so many things to say:
    1. You're a rockstar for finishing the 1/2 marathon!
    2. Haha I'm totally the same way with asking people to take pictures...we can be wusses together
    3. Umm your hair is perfect...srsly, perfect. I've never been able to pull off the fishtail look but you're looks amazing!

  10. pizza benders are LIFE.

    soooo good!!


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