taking stock 05.

working: on our fall bucket-list.  adventures still waiting for us include the ski lift at sundance, corn mazes, cozy fires & s’mores in the woods, and CARAMEL APPLES. for the love!

cooking: i really need to stop including this point. i don’t cook, i microwave jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches and drink green naked’s to get my veggies. i am not proud of this. don’t judge.

reading: besides my textbooks? i’ve been slowly working on “eve and the choice made in eden” and “the miracle.” both are super inspirational and highly recommended.

listening to: elder chritofferson’s talk from the saturday morning session of lds conference. i think it was my favorite, he nailed it!

also listening to: “into the mystic” by van morrison and “the way you make me feel” my michael jackson over. and over. and over. i’ll be sick of them soon, why do i do this to myself?

oh, and also listening to: the secret life of bees on tape. i’m going to level with you, “the help” is a much better read and a similar story. but overall, i can’t complain. the reader has a southern accent, so that certainly spices up my morning commute.

wasting time: stalking barbie’s instragram. this is a real thing, @barbiestyle. can i be the stylist for these photoshoots? also, all the tiny things are killing me! so cute!

looking forward to: thanksgiving up at jordan’s cabin. no cell service or showers! now that’s a vacation.

making: a lot of super important decisions that i am not equipped or mature enough to make, & handling extreme stress by throwing up seems to be one of my talents. i really believe all with work out in the end, but man. decisions between two good things are the worst!

falling asleep to: reruns of friends every night.

appreciating: how beautiful early mornings can be. (i know i know, barf.) but there is something satisfying about experiencing, that quiet, dark, damp life that exists before the sun stretches all the way up in the sky and people start buzzing around. it’s really peaceful and hopeful. on this same subject, i think i’m going to start petitioning my work to open at 9 instead of 8.

craving: pink hair. this is so random & slightly uncharacteristic of me, but i have always wanted to try out light, cotton-candy colored hair. i think it’s so beautiful in a really bizarre way. the hair can’t happen anytime soon – (i am reliant on a professional appearance right now, for internships and scholarships etc) but i’m thinking after i graduate, before i start working…it’s happening.

smelling: that damp, organic fall smell. so good.

excited: about seeing my family this weekend. my independence has caused me to undervalue my time with them, but i have noticed lately how much happiness their trips to utah bring me.

wearing: my fake birkenstocks from payless and loving every second of it.

experiencing: some mild anxiety about my half marathon at the end of this month. i’m so excited to check this off my list but you guys, i think i may never run again. weight lifting is just the right thing to do. 


  1. Haha I love all these things. I just re-read Elder Christofferson's talk this morning because I loved it so much! And no showers sounds like my kind of vacation! I'm jealous

  2. what a beautiful sky! i love the secret life of bees (i thought the movie was wonderful as well), and what i wouldn't do for pink hair...i'm just too chicken to bleach my hair!

  3. yay for your list! i hope you find some relief from your important decision making and that you guys continue to rock this autumn time HARD.
    also, PINK HAIR DOOOO IT. It will be amazing. I have been craving dark purple eggplant hair so i dunno what's in the water, but yes DO IT.

  4. yesssss do the pink hair. I have really been wanting green hair lately, a la Katy Perry. my job requires absolutely no professionalism, so maybe after I graduate from BYU:) ALSO, you are SUCH A CHAMP for doing the half marathon. like, I'm so impressed. you will own it!

  5. Your taste in music. Ah. I SO APPROVE. Van Morrison is my homeboy. Oh and good luck on the half marathon! You will do great. I felt similar before I ran mine but I ended up LOVING it. I

  6. i really like colored hair too. do you read alternative indigo? you should dye your hair like that. SO CUTE.
    the little diary

  7. HA your comment about the drinking naked to get veggies killed me. Don't worry girl, you aren't alone in that one ;)

  8. Pink hair . . . sounds like party hair! Haha :) And yes, cooking is the worst. I don't blame you at all for hardly ever cooking :)


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