things inspiring me lately.

you guys, this week has been sucker punching me in the face. and the gut. and the throat.

i've handled the stress of school, finances, practically be a widow thanks to i banking recruitment, training for a half marathon, and making a ton of life-altering decisions in stride the last few weeks. but monday hit and i breached my threshold; i broke down a little bit. i know it will get a better, but this week has felt a little like growing pains as i adjust into the changes my life is experiencing.

in spite of it all, i wanted to share a few beautiful things that have inspired me lately, and brought my soul a little happiness, a little lift, if you will.

1. we taught a sunday school lesson last sunday about how to deal with marriage conflict in a positive way - and it drew a nice parallel to the mediation class i'm taking. it all boils down to this: positive attitude. are we willing to celebrate the good in people, more than we complain about the bad? it's so hard for us, as humans, to truly take responsibility, admit that we're wrong, and change our behavior. but there is so much power in being willing to change - and in simply appreciating people for what they are, and not focusing on what they are aren't. every time we teach, i learn so much from the couples attending our class. our ward is bomb and i am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from so many christ-like people.

2. i'm taking interior design this semester to fill an art credit - and it's interesting how paralleled your personal style and decor style are. i'm all about the neutrals, the modern, the clean sleek lines. (i mean, hello my one wedding color was cream. just cream.) however, i need a little juxtaposition with the cluttered, the colorful, & the unexpected. i really enjoy basic, neutral pieces with just a pop of color or a cluster of mismatched pictures. like it can't be too perfect. and i really think maybe this carries over in to my personality - just a little bit crazy underneath the cool exterior. i just need a touch of the unconventional to make me feel good about a streamlined life, however beautiful it may be. anyone else out there feel me? anyway, i'm inspired by the simple fact that furniture, vases, and paint colors can be so inherently artistic. here are a few of my favorite looks that i've found this semester:

3. i went to a scholarship luncheon on temple square last week to network & hear from big-wigs at deseret news, deseret media, ksl, etc etc. the ceo and president of deseret news gave a short but really powerful message - he focused on three pieces of advice, & they are maybe my favorite i've ever heard. they are: 1. never take the easy way out, the easy job, they easy class. push yourself or pay for it later. 2. work for a company that you align values with. look for a mission statement that you are passionate about. 3. be humble - learn to admit when you're wrong and be open to learning from everyone you come across, regardless of their position. wow, right? being around people who are accomplished and impressive really pours motivation into my veins. also, temple square just can't be beat.

4. have you guys seen emma watson's UN speech about her new campaign, he for she? if you haven't, watch it this instant! it gave me chills, and i love her focus on abolishing this whole "man hating" aspect of feminism. it's so important, and her message was conveyed in such a positive way. i am so connected to this cause, and to the idea that we, as women, need to feel comfortable in our own skin, and appreciated for our unique qualities. i would love to play a part in re-defining what we consider "feminine," and helping people see that quality as strong, not as weak or passive. anyway, emma watson. i have the biggest girl crush on her.

5. the women's meeting last saturday was a heaven-sent miracle. oh how i needed that suggestion to focus on heavenly things more than earthly ailments. i needed the reminder that i have a father in heaven who is so aware of me, who loves me, and who will help me in figuring out this big old mess that is my life. it's as if that meeting cleared my head & allowed me to start fresh.

6. fall is making it's debut, and i have been trying to really notice and appreciate the signs that accompany it - crisp weather, full trees, the hints of autumn colors. we have been able to sneak away a few times over the last couple of weeks to drive up provo canyon and explore - i am always, always inspired by being outdoors, i can guarantee it. i drive up into the canyon and i'm just like, oh yeah...this world is great and god is real and life is a fabulous thing! i love living so close to the mountains, and i know every one and their dog has said it already, but i really am glad i live in a world where there are octobers.


  1. Isn't funny how just when we think we are doing making life changes, we have to make some of the biggest ones yet? Hopefully next week is better! What half marathon are you training for --- the training is the worst!! Feel better girl!

  2. I taught a class about gratitude last Sunday, and one of the ideas about being grateful (and in turn happier) was to actually list specifics we are grateful for, even when life seems tough. Looks like that's what you just did - so I hope you feel happier for it : ) I would love to go back to Temple Square again, it's pretty amazing, but pretty far from home (New Zealand). We were there this time two years ago to meet my parents for conference : )

    Oh and P.s I watched that Emma Watson Speech a week or so ago and she is the best.

  3. you sound so busy, i don't know how you make time for everything, i don't think i could do it! way to go for training for a half marathon & good luck! which race are you running? i am loving that fall is creeping in, it's my absolute favorite. i hope next week isn't so stressful though.

  4. you are a freaking rockstar and you are amazing to be doing so many awesome things in your life right now. ps your lesson on sunday really was my fave bc you helped generate such good discussion about positivity and listening - so applicable in EVERY SITUATION of life. a big YES to everything happening in the post. have a VERY VERY relaxing weekend - you deserve it.

  5. You are so grounded!! I can tell by the way you speak and carry yourself that you know who you are and where you came from. You might not always know where you are going to but that's okay- none of us really do. I hope your week got less stressful! Mine get like that too and sometimes I dint even know why. They just do and it's just me making a big deal out if everything and creating my own unhappiness. Truthfully I don't even have advice for you on how to overcome that. I just know that it passes and things get better!

    Also, let's talk about that top center image in your interior inspiration. Like if I put my bed in pallets and used a kid sized mattress and a log for a nightstand I would look so hobo. Like seriously, how do you walk into a room and say "right there is where I'm going to put a pallet with a small mattress on it and next to it will be a log nightstand cause that's going to look so good". And somehow that picture is actually appealing. I just don't get how people do that!


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