a few magical things.

jordan forbids putting up the christmas tree until after his favorite holiday, so the tree will be going up next week.
 i did convince him to put up a garland last week though - complete with lights and ornaments & christmas jams. 
(and i made an executive decision to put up a wreath on the door, because i like to think i'm the boss around here.)

lighting of the riverwoods magic happened friday night.
also a carriage ride + free candy,
and an after-party for 6 at red robin afterwards.
(we told embarassing childhood stories. the greatest.)

saturday we tripled to italian village + ice skating + hot chocolate.
 snowy and cozy outside, good food and good company inside.
it was reaffirmed to me that i have the best girlfriends out there.

sunday we taught a lesson on the sacred role of a mother.
you guys, i am not a particularly maternal individual, and sometimes thinking about dedicating my life to another human is intimidating. 
(although i do have protective instinct down pat. i think it's an older sister thing.)
but while teaching the actual lesson, it was made clear to me that it'll be the most important thing i do, molding souls.
& i better get started on preparing to do that someday. 

sunday night we got to see my family as they drove through salt lake, and it was a flawless kickoff to thanksgiving week. we leave tomorrow morning for b-town, and i might cry of excitement. i am honestly craving this holiday break - like i can smell it, my mouth is watering, but i can't eat quiiiite yet. i am so anxious to get this relaxation started.

 i am craving uninterrupted reading, i am dying to get my fingers on my birthday-ukulele, and FOR THE LOVE, i can't wait to sleep in past 8 and have morning-cuddles reintroduced into my life.
 i am craving cheesy hallmark movies and staying up too late playing card games and eating so much you have to roll around on the couch for a while.
 it's going to be ideal.

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  1. I am usually a strict after Thanksgiving until Christmas decor person, but I don't know what it is about this year that just has had me ITCHING to get things put up. I caved this weekend after changing the wreath on our door to a winter one and did the whole house. I DID wait for the tree though, so that will go up FRIDAY! AHHH! This is the BEST time of the year!

  2. These photos are so beautiful! I can't wait to get home to Utah and see all the Christmas lights AND go ice-skating.

  3. Haha you're so cute. Way to stick it to your husband and put the wreath up - such a rebel. Also, I went to the Riverwood thing too! I'm so down for anything christmasy and free! Also, also, I've never to Italian Village...how is it??

  4. ahh i always want to put up our tree before thanksgiving! it just makes it feel more holiday-ish, right?! i love that you guys settled on a garland. & those pictures from the riverwoods are so magical looking! i love when cities are decked out in lights, it's so pretty :)

    & you are goign to be a great mother, just from reading your blog i know you will be so caring & loving & mould the perfect little humans (is that weird?). & don't worry, i definitely didn't have a maternal bone in my body until our baby was phsyically in my arms... even then the nurse had to tell me that it was ok to rub his little body & comfort him (really, i was just looking at him & didn't even think that he would maybe be cold.. no maternal instinct) & i like to think that now i've got a good hold on the whole motherhood thing haha :)

  5. I made my husband come with me to riverwoods Friday night as well and I feel five saying this but it was magical. I just love it! Also, I know Madi Waters from high school and she posted that same picture on Instagram the other day. Looks so fun!

  6. So many cute pictures and fun things! Sidenote, I was telling Russ the other day that one of my blogger friends was going to be in Boise for Thanksgiving and wouldn't it be funny if we decided to meet up while we were both in Boise instead of in Provo where we both live the rest of the time? :) so you know, if you wanna meet up tomorrow night... Haha ;)

  7. i'm ready for this break too! um total bummer that we didn't run into each other at the lighting! and bummer for me that isaac and i missed out on the carriage rides! that sounds so cool :) happy thanksgiving girlie!

    xoxo, kiely

  8. okay your garland looks amazing.
    and girllll your lesson on sunday was great - i feel you on the "am i even maternal at all?" thing and i have this fear that i will be a bad mom or not want to ever have a kid, but your lesson instilled a lot of peace that it's okay if i'm not ready for momhood right now, but it's rooted somewhere inside and when the time is right, i can be a mom and still be me at the same time...as the lovely kerry is doing and showing via her blog.
    anyway, have the best thanksgiving!


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