kicking off the holiday season.

although we didn't document the night very well, our halloween was faaaaabulous! i ate like an entire bowl of candy at work & then we party hopped and played games well into the morning. (okay okay, we were in bed before 1 - but that's late for us married folk!) i'm not big into haunted houses and spooky movies, but dressing up and eating treats? i'll take it. 

the best part about halloween, to me, is that the next day you start the downward slide into christmas! (i saw this tweet: "rips off halloween costume. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!" and i was like hi, that's me.) i had the christmas candles burning and my christmas playlist blaring on saturday before it was even noon - and this week i finalized all of the holiday activities on our calendar - tree lightings! movie marathons! the ballet! i could squeel. i have gotten a little flak for jumping head first into christmas before it's even thanksgiving, but hey, why can't you celebrate 2 holidays at once?

honestly though, how i see it is that i need this. last year, i wrote a little bit about tapping into that cozy christmas magic that you feel all the way deep down. in my world of  craziness and stress and responsibility, i need that extra dash of excitement that keeps my head up all day. because of daylight savings, i drive to work in the dark, half-awake. i'm not even kidding you - if i listen to even ONE christmas song on the way to work, i walk in here with the dopiest grin and i feel jolly all day. 

i'm really hoping that it will work like this: the more christmas spirit i allow myself to feel each season, the stronger it will burn within me and the more time it will take until it burns out, and i become old and senile. good plan, right? happy christmas season!!


  1. you guys are adorable! what a great costume. and I fully support christmas festivities in November. no shame. you go girl.

  2. Yes, yes, yes!! I completely agree with all of this! Christmas is the best!!

  3. haha candy overdoze sounds like the best way to spend halloween. and I agree christmas is the best!

  4. You guys look so cute! And I can't wait for Christmas either!

  5. Hi, I just realized you have a blog. I'm sitting here in a theater parking lot waiting for Carsen to wake up so we can go in and watch the movie with Jake and Hadi.... So.... *settles in to begin blog stalking*


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