the last few months have been a sort of "limbo" stage for jordan and i. because of the stress we have been experiencing, we have allowed healthy eating, exercising, school work, and personal progression to take a back seat to more immediate needs. it has been accumulating for a while, but yesterday it all seemed to rain down on me. i haven't been taking the steps to keep myself happy and allow constant improvement, and i felt it - physically, emotionally, mentally. i felt so exhausted, but yet, i am so not on top of things. when we got home from church, i collapsed on the couch and had myself a good pity cry. those always make me feel better, honestly.

but then i picked myself up and we made a list of goals. we cleaned out our fridge and tidied the apartment. (there is something so therapeutic about throwing out a trash bag of old food and vacuuming. i instantly felt better - although the christmas music probably contributed.)

now that my half marathon is completed and jordan has received a summer job offer, we can get back into our normal routine. ah, routine. i love myself a good old-fashioned schedule, and feeling like i am in control of my life. here's what we, and i, are working on for the next few weeks. in case you were wondering.

1. lifting weights & cycling 4 times - 5 times per week.
2. sweets and eating out only allowed on weekends.
3. nightly couple prayer, morning personal prayer.
4. force yourself to finish every homework assignment at least 1 day before it's due. 
5. don't wait until the day before to study for your next math test. (!!!)
6. keep a thankful journal to contribute to each evening. appreciate the small things a little more - like forehead kisses and cuddle weather and compliments. write them down & give them more importance in your overall happiness.
7. make time each day to serve jordan and sincerely compliment him. 
8. put down your phone & pick up a book!
9. push yourself each day to milk all the productivity you can out of it. 
10. try harder to see each friend, each colleague, each classmate through the eyes of the savior. focus  on the good you see in others, so you can feel it reflected in yourself. 

& there we have it! bring it on, november! i'm armed with my christmas playlist, a new motto that i love (simply & magnify) and a crapload of motivation, and i'm ready to pounce all over life. I GOT THIS. 


  1. Kayla this is such a good schedule/list of goals. I totally need to give it a try!

  2. You DO got this, girl!!! I hate that limbo-y feeling, it is the worst, isn't it? I am wishing you the best with your goals!

  3. Ok. I am hitting copy and paste right now in my mind!! I totally need to do these things...////want to make time////but can't....good luck Kayla! You got this!!

  4. My husband and I had a conversation about this stuff last night! I love your goals, I may have to steal a few for myself.

  5. Cuddle weather is the best isn't it? Just found your blog! You're a cutie and I can't wait to read more :)

  6. Wahoo! Nice goals. It's always hard to keep up with routine when life throws so much at you. But I'm with you--routine is AWESOME. With fun stuff thrown in along with it, of course :)


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