thankful list 2014.

this semester has been a roller-coaster, and it's finally flattened out - it feels like we are just coasting into the holidays, totally beat up and 100% tuckered out. i am so ready for thanksgiving - a week of sleeping in slash eating slash fun! my mantra has been "just make it to thanksgiving break. you can make it until thanksgiving break." however, i came across this quote in my scripture study a few days ago:

"we can lift ourselves, and others as well, when we refuse to remain in the realm of negative thought and cultivate within our hearts an attitude of gratitude. if ingratitude be numbered among the serious sins, then gratitude takes its place among the noblest of virtues."

a few guilt-tears streamed down my cheeks and i realized that, through my trials the last few months, i haven't stopped to appreciate all of the wonderful things around me very often. this is especially terrible of me, because i lead a very charmed life. it's not perfect - but i am blessed far and beyond what i deserve. and, silly as it may seem, i was so grateful to write this grateful list, and to materialize, in my mind, all i have to be thankful for.

>> 1. i am grateful, over many other things - for a sense of purpose in my life. it's not always 100% reliable, (don't we all have those days where you're just like, my life is a hamster wheel?) but most days i feel driven. i know what i want to do with my life (give or take a few details..) i know the kind of person i am working towards becoming, and i feel aspiration. i feel determination and ambition, and it is equal parts satisfying and motivating.

>> 2. i am grateful for 2 sisters serving missions - for their examples, for their letters, and for those small and oh-so personal blessings i am granted because of their service. i am grateful for the missionary program. it has changed my life.

>> 3. i am grateful for lipstick, especially mac's "snob." i haven't always been a believer in the power of lipstick, but now i am. it really can turn a frown upside down.

>> 4. i am grateful for my husband - while we were dating, my parent's told me, "you struck gold, don't let go of this one." and boy, were they right! i am grateful that he is patient with me and that he makes my feelings a priority. i am grateful that he will follow me around on all of my scatter-brained adventures. i am grateful that he works hard at building a future for us. i am grateful that he wants to live a life of influence. i am grateful that he chose me.

>> 5. i am grateful for provo. (say what?) although i am excited to eventually live somewhere else, provo really is such a magical little college town. (and let's get real, it's nice not worrying about locking your front door.) the mountains, the restaurant selection, cozy little spots like center street and the byu duck pond and utah lake, and some pretty fantastic people will make it hard to see p-town in my rear-view mirror upon graduation.

>> 6. i am grateful for my job. i am grossly over-paid, so it has paid our bills and afforded me the opportunity to get paid for doing schoolwork. it has been the quintessential college job, and i really love all of my wonderfully-weird engineers.

>> 7. i am grateful that i love to read. literature has blessed my life and kept my imagination alive in ways that nothing else can. i am grateful for stories and characters that have become a part of my life. (i'm looking at you, hermione.)

>> 8. i am grateful for a strong body. running a half marathon, weight lifting, and starting ballet barre has helped me realize what my body is capable of, and it's incredible! i love to exercise. i mean, i really love it. i am grateful for health that allows this to be a daily check on my to-do list.

>> 9. i am grateful for strong women in my life who don't take crap from anyone. they motivate me to do more & be more.

>> 10. i am grateful for the temple. the amount of happiness & peace it has gifted me is insurmountable. i am grateful for the opportunity to go & feel close to my family, and to my father in heaven.

>> 11. i am grateful for the chance to start fresh each morning. “isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”

>> 12. i am grateful for our trials this semester. surely they have worn us to the bone, but we have learned and grown infinite amounts - both together and as individuals. it has given us the wonderful opportunity to weather the storm with each other and as a result, grow closer. i am grateful for a knowledge that this is all in god's plan, and i feel myself standing firmer and stronger in that knowledge each day. 

and lastly,

>>12. i am grateful we live so close to in n out. 


  1. I love #11. I actually never thought of it as that way, so I'm happy to have a new perspective. Also, do you have a lot of down time at your job? Because as a Admin Assistant I do too and sometimes that makes me feel so guilty. But there are only so many things that you can do at a Front Desk.

    1. mila, YES. they actually are ok with me doing homework at the front desk between calls (it's the only way i can keep my head above water.) but the summers here have been a drag - lots of netflix and reading and making people chat with me instead of working. :)

    2. HAHA SAME!! I do wish I could watch a show of some sort though, but the hardworking person in me just won't allow it. I just keep thinking about how I need to at least look like I'm working. So I pass the time with reading books and blogs, talking to anyone who passes by (like I'm that desperate person that's like "please talk to me, about anything, really.. let's talk about your cat, or your grandma, I don't mind, JUST TALK TO ME") and out of sheer desperation I got Soda Crush (like Candy Crush but better) on my phone the other day. I've hit a new low with Soda Crush.

    3. hahaha this made my day - especially because im AT WORK RIGHT NOW commenting on this, acting like i'm typing up a document for the president or something. i want people to think i'm doing important work! but i SO beg for people to talk to me, even visitors. and i'm so getting soda crush right now.

  2. this is a beautiful list! so many wonderful things on here that made me go YESSSSS. you're a rockstar. for real.

  3. I love this list! It's not your typical "I'm grateful for these 'things". #1 is my favorite. Thanks for such an inspiring post!

  4. this is such a lovely post. :) I love that you are thankful for your motivation and your sense of purpose! that is so important to recognize! you are an inspiration, 4 real. also, I have been appreciating what you talk about in #8 so much more lately, and I never thought I'd be that kind of person. in fact, I don't think I'll ever be a crazy "fit" person, but I sooo know what you mean about appreciating what your body can do. it's amazing!

  5. I love reading your posts because you're so real and down to earth and I swear you always write exactly what I need to hear - so thanks for that! On a separate note, how is the ballet barre class? I hear it's a killer workout! Would you recommend it or nah?

  6. i have recently become a believer in lipstick too! it really does make ya smile :) love this post and that quote!

    xoxo, kiely

  7. this is so cute, i definitely need to do this, and i love that you included in n out!

  8. what a happy list :) i love ballet barre classes....suuuch a good work out. i also love mornings and knowing that god has a plan for all of us even when we might forget that when things seem rough.


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