December 22, 2014

merry christmas, darlings.

warning. picture overload. 

>> a few weeks ago we went to a christmas dinner at rodizio grill for a "sort of" internship jordan did for a private equity firm. he didn't work much with them, just a few projects here and there, but they insisted we come to the party. (keep in mind, this firm is still a start-up. nobody is making any money yet.) it was so generous to have us even attend the dinner - and then they doled out the christmas gifts. i was in tears as i opened it in the car ride home. they were over-the-top generous and i was incredibly touched. this gift came out of someone's pocket, but it was important enough for them to make that sacrifice so that we could feel important. that kind of christmas cheer, the kind that makes your chest feel warm and a big lump form in your throat, it's very sacred to me. 

>> i had to work today, and so we spent the weekend in provo, where it was completely deserted and absolutely cozy. i've talked before about being alone in places that you can't usually be alone, but there is something so wickedly thrilling about it. walking outside our door to hear nothing but the rain pittering on the street - not a car engine or a loud 19 year old to be heard, that was pure magic. we took a walk around center street on saturday night & the whole ordeal was perfectly cozy, just us two breathing in the cold, after rain smell and singing christmas songs to each other. i think we saw 2 other people the entire time. bliss bliss bliss.

>> on friday night, one of my best girlfriends got engaged to her adorable boyfriend. since she lives in alaska, we decided to all join forces and group skype her after the ring was on. not only was being altogether the bomb, it was being altogether and participating in that exhilarating energy that we could feel through the tv screen. love is the greatest, & that night was so much happy. 

>> i spent an evening at xtend barre, and i loved the way all of the christmas lights twinkled in the studio. since the studio is almost entirely windows, it felt like we were working out in christmas-land.

>> can we talk about how glorious our saturday was? i took 2 naps, we watched a lot of scandal and christmas movies, ate in n out for lunch, ordered a late-night pizza, moved our mattress in the living room so we could sleep underneath the christmas lights, and cuddled. so much cuddling. it was the laziest either of us have been in ages and it was 100% worth it. 

>> we finished "miracle on 34th street" last night, & the little girl is so cute I COULD DIE. if you haven't seen it, go watch immediately. it is seriously up there with home alone and elf - THAT good! (it was technically my first time watching it, since the literal first time was the night jordan and i kissed for the first time 3 years not much movie was watched. *insert creepy winking face*)

>> as it is now tradition, we self-timered a little christmas card this weekend. (we decided to go with a kissing shot because i hadn't put on makeup. oopsie.) merry christmas, friends!

December 17, 2014

fancy christmas happenings.

months ago, i purchased tickets to the nutcracker for us - it's an experience that i had been wanting to have for years. we ate beforehand & gave ourselves almost 2 hours to travel from provo to salt lake, making sure we could chat and take it all in. unfortunately for us, traffic was horrifically bad that night, all of the parking garages were full, and so we bustled in, completely late and flustered. it only took minutes, however, for the stress to melt off - and i almost forgot how much my feet hurt from running in heels. ;)

i was captivated by the entire performance, even more so that i was expecting. everything dazzled - the costumes, the music, the dancing. there were a few times when i realized that my mouth, quite literally, was hanging wide open. (to be honest though, this happens a lot in normal life. i have a really relaxed jaw or something, ha!) i was entranced, the entire two hours - and capitol theater is 100% regal. it was magic all around :)

last weekend, we hosted a black-tie dinner party. (note to myself: next year maybe don't throw this party in the middle of 3 school projects and studying for finals...just a thought.) 

you guys, parties are a lot of work! prepping food, decorating, buying everything, setting it all up, coordinating 14 other schedules and hoping that everyone remembers to come + dress up + bring their white elephant, and has a fabulous time. hats off to our party-throwing friends. man alive! 

it was fun to see it all come together, though - i was even pleased with our cute little paper plate set up. (don't tell my grandma i didn't use china. she would be mortified!) we have some really fabulous friends, and i had one of those moments mid-meal where the thought flew through my mind - "you are really lucky. look at all of these people you love in the same room." and it's true. everyone looked top notch, white elephant was a kick, the food was exactly as delicious as i had hoped. it was a classy night with classy people.

also, hello finals week! (my prayers go out to everyone experiencing the horror.) i am four deep, with one to go. (that should be a breeze, so i'm essentially done. i have been celebrating with gilmore girls and pinning by the hundreds, so sorry to anyone who follows me for clogging up your feed.) the relief has yet to sink in, but it will. 

and this is the best news of all: we have 0% of anything planned friday or saturday. zero percent! i think it's been at least a year since we have had a weekend void of any calendar items. NONE. what are we going to do? sleep in, watch movies, maybe build a fort if we're feeling ambitious, and drink egg nog out of our waterbottles. maybe order pizza? who knows. but GO FIGHT WIN for anyone still finishing finals, and bring on christmas break! 

December 15, 2014

happy list 07.

downtown salt lake at christmas. it's just magic .// hosting a black-tie dinner party. // the fact that jordan's childhood friends have become like family to me // pf changs great wall of chocolate. you guys, amazing. // when your bishop & his wife seek you out to tell you that they think you have a great marriage-dynamic going on. // saturday morning workouts that make you want to take a nap directly afterwards. // the perfectly wintry air yesterday. it cleans your lungs right out and stiffens your ears a little. perfection. // scandal. and more scandal. we are obsessed. // finding out that some of your girlfriends are pregnant. // reading "is everyone hanging out without me? and other concerns" and LOLing alone in your living room. // finding the perfect black ankle boot at target. // jordan's car dancing. // the fact that in 4 days my semester from h-e-double hockey sticks will be in the dust! //

December 10, 2014

our picture wall / giveaway!

when jordan and i got our first apartment, i was a little lost when it came to finding my decorating style - however, i knew i wanted a picture wall. i had seen them floating around pinterest, and i loved the idea of a wall of memories, of pretty things, of meaningful images, all jumbled up in one space.

& so our picture wall was born - our first apartment had a collage of wedding pictures, a few favorite quotes, and our parent's engagement pictures. (because i just love that '80's hair too much.) i took some pictures down, and put more up - a beautiful picture of the golden gate bridge that we got in san fran, a vintage map from a flea market in hawaii, my very favorite engagement shot, blown up and put in a giant white frame. we've continued to make additions over the years, & it's really taken it's own personality. the wall IS part of our family now. i'm proud of it, can you tell?

now that the picture wall is over 2 years in the making, i've streamlined it a little bit. (mostly white frames, only  images that speaks to our style, etc etc.) it's actually a little window display into our lives - i have painted a few pieces up there, they are reminiscent of our travels, our dreams, our mantras.

the picture wall is my decorating "baby" so to speak, and it's the first thing people notice when they walk in our door. i've made this comparison before - but my decorating style is kind of like my life. a little random, but overall - it's beautiful.

is it weird to be this obsessed with a wall in your apartment? probably. but the pictures and prints that i put up need to be beautiful and representative of me.

anyway, my good friend ashley makes prints over at the crooked nook, and i've ordered my fair share of her shop. her prints really speak to my simple, but catchy taste. (also, shameless friend plug: go to her blog  to see pictures of the cutest twin boys on planet earth. i love you, max & ollie! and... this is completely off topic, but ashley has the most beautiful, sun-bathed, hardwood floored apartment in downtown salt lake. it's not even fair.)

the prints are creative, super cute, and customize-able - win, win, win! here's my collection:

darling, am i right?? i custom-made the one on the bottom, drawing inspiration from pinterest. (i am still finding the perfect frames/home on the wall for each print. christmas and finals, ya know?) 

anyway, among besides the cutest mom and most hilarious friend - ashley is also super generous. she's giving away one of her prints!!

 just go ahead and follow her instargam - @thecrookednook, and then comment below with your favorite print - or your idea for a custom one! (you can take a peek at her shop here.)  you can also use the coupon code KAYLA for 10% off orders until sunday, & we will also pick a winner sunday. wahoo! thanks, ashley! 

December 8, 2014

it's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!

they always DECK out the lobbies at my work, it's so festive! (however, that tree on the right? i had to string the christmas lights on it - and i really almost lost my christmas spirit in the process. i was swearing and sweating and i'm pretty sure i broke a strand. my bad.) i have a new appreciation for anyone who doesn't buy a pre-lit tree. respect.

we got a last minute call from some friends with extra christmas devotional tickets, lucky ducks! of all the festive things we have done & will do this christmas, i don't think this one can be topped. it was pure magic. (also, motab's "the first noel" will make you cry and give you chills. i swear it.)

um, excuse my mid-laugh psychopath picture up there. after the devotional, we met up with some family at the tree of life in draper. it was honestly way better than i had expected! it sparkles like the eiffel tower light show - and the whole park, all of the lights, the excited crowds - it was all warm fuzzy material. 

how cute is our little christmas tree?! i know it's tiny, but that makes it all the more adorable to me.  (side note: my mother in law gifted us a golden gate bridge ornament last year, because we honeymooned there - and this year she gave us an nyc taxi since we took our anniversary trip there. little does she know how ironic is is to have both new york and san fran represented on our tree. ha!) we put up our stockings on the windowsill, the garland is still lit around the window, and i talked jordan into hanging some lights across the ceiling. now our entire living room is festive. i love waking up to the glow of christmas lights dancing in. i can't even handle the coziness.

and let's finish off with a few selfies, one featuring in n out. because, duh.